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One of the biggest challenges that a married couple can face when they have a newborn is dealing with a baby that will not sleep through the night.

The lack of sleep can take a big toll on a relationship and can often cause stress on a marriage.

While having a crying baby will not last forever, the discomfort and frustration of having a baby that will not sleep is enough to make any parent feel powerless.

Here’s where a big part of the problem stems from:

Babies Don’t Know the Difference Between Day and Night

You see, babies come into the world with no notion of what daytime or nighttime is.

While in the womb, babies lie wide awake many times while their mothers are awake. Other times they will sleep peacefully while their mothers are awake and going about their day. If you’re a mother, you may be familiar with having felt your baby “having a party in your belly” while you were trying to get to sleep.

Guess what? The party moved outside and is now going in your home.

Brand New Baby / Brand New Experiences

Babies are a clean slate when they come into the world and there is no way around the fact that part of your role of being a parent is teaching your baby that nighttime is for sleeping and that this will take some work on your part.

Establishing a Regular Daily Routine

Babies feel comfortable and get used to daily routines. To accomplish this task, you must establish a predictable, daily routine that will keep your child active throughout the day and will then gently coax them to sleep as the night falls.

Start your day at the same time every day if possible and make the first feeding at roughly the same time. Continue feeding your child on a scheduled routine and make sure he or she eats enough.

Many babies wake up at night due to hunger since they did not get their fill during the day. Your goal is to have your baby learn that daytime is for feeding and playing while nighttime is for sleeping.

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Additional Resources & Products for Helping a Baby Go To Sleep

While there are countless approaches and recommendations on how to get your baby to sleep, we have personally used and seen the best results from three products:

1) Songs from Mommy’s Heart Baby Sleep System (Instant Download Format) by Jack

Available since 2004 as a CD and now as an instant download, Songs from Mommy’s Heart is a baby sleep system that was developed by Jack and is based on years of solid research on the effects of music and heart beat on a baby’s sleep patterns. The product is now available as a collection of downloadable MP3′s so you can start using it immediately instead of waiting for a package to arrive. BTW, in case you are wondering, Jack  is ’s brother, and we can personally vouch that the system works (our whole family uses the product) and it even comes with a full money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

For more information and Free audio sample, as well as a Free eMail Baby Sleep Course, visit 

2) On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep (Book Format) by Dr. Gary Ezzo.

On Becoming Baby Wise is a classic which will help you establish a regular routine for your baby.

3) The Happiest Baby on the Block (DVD Format) by Dr. Harvey Karp is available as a DVD and has had excellent results with many parents. This method involves the use of a swaddle and a series of steps which trigger a baby’s “sleep reflex.”

The Happiest Baby on the Block (Book Format) is also available as a book if you prefer to read the information rather than view a DVD.

Hope this information and recommendations help baby and you get the precious sleep you deserve!

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