Piggy Bank

Piggy BankAnd so it happens again…

It’s “date night” and instead of being excited, you and your spouse are already dreading the typical, infamous “date night side-effect”: the bill.

Can We Really Afford Going Out On This Date?

Sometimes, money worries can start taking a toll on a relationship’s romance, especially since many of the things married couples do to “spice up” the relationship involve spending money in entertainment and/or luxuries.

However, with a bit of imagination there are many ways to keep the romance alive during date night without turning it into a boring routine… And without breaking the bank!

Three Smart and Affordable Dates:

Now, these dating ideas require a bit of creativity, but the whole preparation process makes them even more exciting!

1. Romantic dinner… At home!

Romantic Dinner at HomeWhile a dinner for two at a romantic, candle-lit gourmet restaurant can easily run you into the triple digits, cooking it at home can be a fraction of the price!

Just because you are eating at home doesn’t mean the experience has to be boring. Take out the good china (yes, the expensive one that you inherited from your great-grandmother, the one you only use in special occasions.)

Find a recipe for a usually pricey dish (filet mignon, anyone?) and cook it at home. Nowadays you can find recipes online on how to cook practically anything.

Not a chef-at-heart? Take out food is also an option, but take it out of the box and serve it on the nice plates. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be to simply work on your “food presentation.”

And finally, don’t forget the candles! No romantic dinner is complete without some candles (which will allow you to dim the lights and create a sensual effect.)

Finish dinner off with a sexy dessert, such as chocolate-dipped fruit. It’s easy to make, relatively inexpensive and a lot of fun to enjoy! Don’t feel like going through the hassle of melting the chocolate? Bring out the Nutella jar (so yummy…) – it will do the job just fine!

2. Go camping… In your own back yard!

When the weather is nice and the sky is full of stars, nothing beats the romance of a great night outdoors. And to find that, you may not need to go any further than your very own back yard.

If you have your own camping equipment, bring it out and set it up! Missing some camping essentials, such as a tent or sleeping bags? You can always ask a friend or relative if you can borrow them! After all, you won’t be going very far ;-)

If you have the whole day, spend some time sunbathing and relaxing. And don’t forget to prepare yourself with some camping food, such as sandwiches and refreshments that you can keep in a cooler outside.

At night, use your boy (or girl) scout skills to safely build a small fire (or use the grill!) where you can roast marshmallows while you share stories with each other. Finish by gazing at the beautiful star-lit sky… Who knows where that will lead to!

3. Visit historic landmarks or places of interest in your city or town.

Let’s face it, it is not uncommon that, as a local in your own city or town, you don’t have the time to enjoy many of the landmarks or places that make the place you live in special.

When my husband and I lived in Miami, FL, we never ever went to the beach… And we lived only 5 minutes away from it! Now that we live in New York City, we hardly ever have time to visit museums and other sources of cultural recreation, many of which are very inexpensive or even free.

“Playing tourist” in your own city or town can be a very fun and exciting way to spend a date for you and your spouse.

Go for a walk or a picnic at the famous park. Enjoy a walk on the beach as you watch the beautiful sunset. Or simply explore that historic neighborhood that you never get to visit due to your crazy, hectic life schedules.

If possible, research for special deals on museums, entertainment and other attractions. Daily Deal sites such as Groupon (Affiliate), have different options on a daily basis at highly discounted rates – but be very careful you don’t get “hooked” on buying daily deals you don’t really need just because they are cheap!

Many towns and cities offer special discounts for locals during slow season or even year-round.

Discover the wonders of the place where you live in, and make it memorable and special by sharing it with your spouse.

As you can see, there are many ways to have a romantic date with your spouse without doing extreme damage to your wallet or bank account. And doing so can be really fun. After all, that’s part of what being happily married is all about.

How about you?

Do you have any ideas for inexpensive, creative and romantic dates?

Share them with us by leaving a comment below!


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5 comments on “Three Creative and Romantic Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

  1. Adam @ Never a Dull Date on said:

    Great list guys.

    I really like #3 – In our dating adventures we’ve discovered a bunch of really cool touristy things near our home that we otherwise would have ignored. From local festivals to monuments it seems there is always something interesting going on in our area.

    Also – Congrats on the new addition to your family!

    • ILBHM on said:

      Thank you very much Adam, for your comment and your wishes! Also wanted to let you know that the coin toss date idea you posted last week for St. Patrick’s is great :-) Glad you enjoyed the post and have a wonderful week!

  2. You got pretty good list on their but what i like the most is the #1 Romantic dinner at home. It will cost less coz you can cook for your partner or to make it more romantic you can cook together. Isn’t that wonderful? That’s what my husband and i always do for us to save money.

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