We post positive messages and inspiration to bring happiness to your marriage. Description. I Love Being Happily Married’s message has spread throughout the world and touched thousands of married couples worldwide in celebrating the joy and beauty of happy marriages.

Our approach is simple: We carefully select and bring you positive messages and inspirational quotes about marriage, love and relationships to help bring happiness to your marriage. At I Love Being Happily Married, we believe happy marriages make for happier people, and happier people make a better world. Join us by “Like”-ing this page and “Share” the message of I Love Being Happily Married with other married couples who you believe will benefit from a daily dose of positive inspiration for their marriages.

Thank you and congratulations to all the group members for bringing our message of I Love Being Happily Married to over 10,000 happily married members around the world and counting! Lets keep spreading worldwide the positive message of I Love Being Happily Married! Can you picture all the wonderful and positive results that 10K plus HAPPILY MARRIED people around the world can create?

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