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If we take things from a very basic, scientific perspective, sexual contact within all animal species (humans included) has the sole, main purpose of reproduction. Still, when people are having sex to get pregnant, sometimes we forget to keep the love and passion in the act. The following article gives you two suggestions that can help you keep things enjoyable when you are having sex to get pregnant.

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When Sex Becomes a Chore

When a couple has sex to get pregnant, sometimes when you event need help getting pregnant, many times both partners require to take certain measures never ever expected in the sex and intimacy department back in the time when they recited their vows. In other words, sex to get pregnant stops being “love making” and instead becomes “baby making work.”

Here are two suggestions you may want to take on to keep things enjoyable while you try to “hit the target”:

1. When Life Hands You Lemons… Make It Sensual Lemonade.

Instead of turning sex into a “chore,” turn those baby-making sessions into deep, sensual experiences. Prepare yourself ahead of time, maybe by cooking a special candle-lit dinner, taking a relaxing shower or bath together, or even using scented body oils to give each other a sensual massage.

Most important, take the time to tell each other how great your love is, how happy you are to be sharing this special moment, and how wonderful it is to know that the baby you are trying to conceive will be full of that love.

2. Get More Intimate

Instead of focusing on the simple act of sex, focus more on the intimacy that you and your spouse are sharing in order to bring a new life into the world.

So why not start that from the beginning, even before that little baby is conceived? After all, it can only do wonders for your level of intimacy as a happily married couple. You may even discover new things about your spouse that, despite the years, you never knew. And that can be quite fun and exciting, just like it was when you were starting to know each other.

After all, one of the greatest gifts a couple can give to their child is the sense of security that loving each other as a happily married couple brings.

Even better, when you finally get that much wanted positive pregnancy test, you’ll know that you’ll be better prepared as a solid, happy, trusting couple – Ready to experience the wonders that pregnancy and the arrival of that little bundle of joy will eventually bring to your lives.

Wishing you happy, fun baby-making sessions and sending you lots of baby dust!

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