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If you are reading this review, you may be facing a difficult moment in your relationship and are considering seeking help to save your marriage. If so, then this review will be able to help you make up your mind on what to do next.

Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel
Review Rating: 3.5 Out of 5 Hearts

At I Love Being Happily Married, we are a community of experts in the topics of love, relationships and marriage advice.

Our mission is spreading the joy of marriage, and as part of that mission, we individually review a wide variety of different “marriage advice” books, coaching programs, CDs and other products to ensure that the products we review can consistently deliver on the results they promise.

Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel

“Marriage Fitness”, also known as “Marriage Max” by Mort Fertel, unlike many other marriage programs we have reviewed, is a physical product rather than a downloadable eBook, audio or software program.

In other words, when you order Marriage Fitness, you will physically be receiving a series of materials in the mail including CD’s, DVD’s and other media.

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As you may see from the photo we have posted at the top of this review, we physically own the product, and our panel of experts has evaluated both the Marriage Fitness audio program consisting of 5 CDs, as well as Mort Fertel’s Put Love First DVD program.

Marriage Review

After careful consideration and comparison to other marriage help books, our panel of marriage experts have rated Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel 3.5 Hearts out of a possible 5.

Both the CD set and the DVD are excellent products, and we highly recommend them to our I Love Being Happily Married Community members.

The only negatives we could find to the product and why we have given it only 3.5 hearts out of 5 are that the program is delivered as a physical product which requires you to wait until the materials arrive before you can begin to learn the techniques and strategies.

Additionally, the recordings in the program were made in 2006 for the DVD and 2008 for the Audio CD version.

Although the fact that the recordings are several years old does not affect the overall quality of the product, because of the moment in time when they were made, the topics of conversation and discussions never touch upon or present any of the challenges that have been experienced after the recession and financial crisis, topics which have negatively affected many marriages worldwide.

The issue of finances and the impact that they can have on the health of a marriage is covered in depth, however – it could have been more powerful if there was reference to the economic downturn that took place starting in 2008.

Having said that, the material delivered by Mort Fertel is timeless and “evergreen” in nature, and the fact that the recordings are several years old is merely a technicality, and does not affect the true value of the lessons and their power to help strengthen relationships.

Overall, the production quality and materials are superb quality, and the recordings are perfectly clear and professionally done. The contents and insights presented are truly valuable, and Mort’s leadership and expertise is clearly evident as his words and message reach deep into the heart of every marriage. It truly is an inspirational guide that opens up new possibilities and opportunities for improving every marriage.

It can work, even if it’s only you that wants to save the marriage…

One of the most powerful qualities and abilities of this program is that it can work even if only one of the two partners is interested in making the marriage work.

As such, in a marriage crisis situation, even if it’s only you that is wanting to save the marriage – the program has valuable information and powerful strategies that can help you make progress and stop a possible divorce.

Personal, Honest and Intimate…

As we have shown through previous guest author blog posts featuring Mort Fertel, Mort has a very personal story of his own and profound experience dealing with the loss of a child, and as a result almost getting divorced from his wife.

He shares from his heart and his own life journey generously, and he describes in detail every step of the way on his own life experience as he shows exactly why and how the Marriage Fitness program and techniques work.

By using the same techniques and advice he presents in his Marriage Fitness program, Mort was able to bring back the love and passion that was missing in his life and he then made it his mission to help other couples worldwide to strengthen their marriages and protect their relationships. As a result, he has shared his programs globally, spoken to audiences worldwide and reached over 1 million people internationally with his message – all the while changing thousands of lives and saving countless relationships in the process.

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5 Responses to Marriage Fitness Review

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  • Jennifer says:

    this review is helpful for the buying process, thank you for putting it together. I would like to buy this Mort Fertel program for my husband and I.

  • Nicole says:

    I’m glad you’re recommending Mort Fertel’s program because I would not be happily married without him. My sister actually recommended the Marriage Fitness program to me after she was having issues with her marriage and I knew I needed similar help. My husband was not at all receptive to the program at first but after I went at it alone for a while, he actually warmed up to some of my tactics and we realized we didn’t want our marriage to be over for good. I try to say positive things about Mort whenever I can because I am just forever grateful for his program.

    • ILBHM says:

      We’re so very glad that Mort’s program helped your marriage. Marriage Fitness has helped thousands of marriages worldwide and it’s always wonderful to know that our recommendations can have a positive impact on marriages worldwide.

      Thank you very much for your comment and we wish you and your husband a wonderful, long and healthy life of being happily married!

      Love always,

      Yvonne and

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