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We constantly hear from married couples that they feel tired all the time and as a result, they no longer have the energy they need to be excited and thrilled about their marriage.

While work, home and life’s general challenges can drain your energy, there are many things you can do to prevent being permanently tired and make sure you both are charged and ready to roll when needed.

Here are 10 ideas to bring back that bounce:

1. Exercise together - Fitness does not have to be only about going to a gym or doing something extra challenging like running a marathon… Something as simple as taking a daily walk together while talking and enjoying each other can be very beneficial to your relationship on many different levels.

2. Drink more water – many people are chronically dehydrated. The mere act of drinking more water can often have a profound difference in the way you feel.

3. Get a full check-up with a good Doctor – take care of health anxiety-there is nothing more stressing to you than worrying about your health. Get a doctor to give you a physical, and then deal with any health issues.

4. Get more sleep – Do your best to get 7-8 hours a night. Most adults are regularly sleep deprived and we make mistakes and fall into bad patterns of judgment. (trying to make up for it on the weekend does not have the same effect.)

5. Cook healthier meals together – Choose healthy alternatives and enjoy them slowly as a couple, while talking and planning about all the wonderful things you can do together in the future.

6. Laugh out loud – Do it at least once a day, especially if you do it together.

7. Wake up earlier – Get an earlier start and ease into your day, rather than waking up late and then rushing to work or first appointment. It may sound counter intuitive that waking up earlier will actually let you relax further but it works… By getting up earlier, you will avoid being late and will have time to think, and avoid stressing out.

8. Adopt a positive, can-do mindset – Look at the world as a glass half full and view the future as a bright place full of opportunities, rather than a scary unknown full of crisis and dread.

9. Avoid getting glued to the daily news –  Regardless of how wonderful your day may be goind, you’re guaranteed to find out on TV about a crisis somewhere in the world – don’t get drawn into it.

10. Drop the “emotional vampires” in your life – Get rid of those people who constantly have something negative to say about others and who are in a bad mood all the time.

Do you have any additional suggestions you would like to share with others?

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2 comments on “Power Up: 10 Ways to Bring Your Energy Levels Up as a Couple

  1. Adam @ Never a Dull Date on said:

    This a great list of simple changes that can really have a beneficial impact. 2 and 9 resonate with me specifically.

    A few years ago I started drinking more water while trying to lose weight. I never imagined that such a simple thing could have such a significant impact. Drinking plenty of water is one good habit that I can no longer live without.

    We also recently cut our cable and ever since have found that we spend less time channel surfing, watching crappy re-runs and wasting our time with the evening news. Everything I need to know about the world I can get in 15 minutes from the web, no need to give 30 – 60 minutes to the TV.

    • You’re absolutely right Adam! Drinking water is an old proven method, not only to raise your energy level but also to keep you younger and healthier for longer. And great choice on cutting out the cable and spending more quality time with your spouse. It is amazing how many people know absolutely everything about the main characters in their favorite TV show but hardly anything about the person (or people if there are kids involved) who they live with. Thank you so much for your post and for all the valuable info on Never a Dull Date – it’s a great resource!

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