Paper Rose

Paper RoseI remember the first date I had with my husband .

He picked me up in an economy rental car (his car had just been in a small accident and was getting repaired at the body shop) and he took me to a trendy Japanese restaurant in the neighborhood.

As we stood at the restaurant’s bar sipping our cocktails (the place was packed and we had to wait for a table,) he took one of the bar’s small paper napkins and began to turn it into a cute paper rose. When he finished, he brought it to his nose and pretended to smell it… “Beautiful,” he said – “A beautiful rose for a beautiful lady.” Then he handed me the paper rose.

The First Rose Planted in Our Garden of Love.

The rest of our date was wonderful, but it was that single paper rose what made the whole experience memorable…

No one else in my life had previously made me feel so beautiful and special as did with that rose.

It was a simple, little thing that showed me how much he cared and how special that moment and I made him feel. A little thing that not only made me happy, but also made me forget everything that went wrong on that date: The fact that I had a huge pimple on my forehead that made me feel ugly and self-conscious. The fact that it took us well over an hour to get a table at the restaurant. The fact that we missed the movie we were originally planning to watch. The fact that the rental car was so malfunctioning and we were both afraid of being left stalled at night in the middle of the street.

Now… A Lovely Field Full of “Paper Roses”

Fast forward to now in my marriage with more than 71/2 years after that first date. Our relationship is still full of what I call “paper roses,” also known as the “little things” in our marriage that make a big difference.

These things I’m referring to are usually quite simple, inexpensive and easy to do, but they make an incredible difference in our marriage. They are the little things that show each other that we care, that we are there for each other, and that there is nothing that will come between us. They ensure that our marriage is strong, loving and full of trust while constantly “rekindling” the romance between us.

Until this day, and I constantly give “paper roses” to each other. It’s me leaving his clothes neatly picked and set for him in the morning. It’s calling me every day after work to ask me if I need anything from the drugstore or grocery store on his way back home. It’s me cooking his favorite meal when I know he’s had a rough day at work. It’s him opening the doors for me at all times.

These little things throughout our marriage mean the world to us. And they don’t have to be expensive, luxurious and extravagant to have that effect. They are the simple “paper roses” that we make sure to give each other each day. The little things that make a big difference in our marriage by making us know that, regardless what life throws our way, we can still be as happy as on our first date.

What are the little things that make a big difference in your marriage?

What are your own “paper roses”?

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6 comments on “Little Things In Marriage That Make a Big Difference…

  1. Ashley @ Never a Dull Date on said:

    After a long day of work coming home and my husband wrapping his arms around me in a giant bear hug – the littlest thing can turn my crappy day around and gives me the best feeling :)

    • Bear hugs are wonderful! Plus there is scientific research that proves that the endorphins released by the person who receives a hug have various health benefits. Keep the hugs going and enjoy Being Happily Married :)

  2. Kendall Marazio on said:

    I love this discussion-there are SO many different “paper roses” in our marriage. It’s him vacuuming and cleaning if he knows I had a long day without me even asking him, it’s him rubbing my feet when he knows they’re sore. He is just the most caring and selfless person I know, and I pray everyday to never ever take that for granted, even when he might make me mad sometimes :) . We should all focus on the good as much as possible. :)

    • ILBHM on said:

      Thank you so much for your comment, Kendall! It looks like you and your husband have a lovely marriage, and it is wonderful to know that you pay attention to all those “paper roses” that make it extra special. We wish you and your husband the best and many Happily Married years to come :)

  3. Yehuda on said:

    For me and my beloved wife the little things are an embrace every morning, a coffee together which I prepare, sharing ideas through mail and while walking together.
    These are good habits that are more important than the big gestures like a romantic vacation or an expensive dinner. Sure, the bigger things are of course an expression of love, but the everyday small deeds of sharing are really the building blocks of a happy marriage.

    • yvonne on said:

      Thank you for your comment! It is wonderful that you do everything possible to keep the spark alive, Yehuda. You are absolutely right, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to show your spouse how much you love her – it’s the little details that go a long way.

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