How to Write a Wedding Speech

How to Write a Wedding SpeechKnowing how to write a wedding speech is a very important skill which can come in handy one day…

Perhaps that one day has finally arrived for you?

It is no surprise that wedding days are usually very emotional. As parents, family and friends see the couple exchange their vows and commit to a lifetime of marriage, you can be certain that there will be many a tear shed and displays of emotion will be seen everywhere. During the course of the wedding celebration, a well developed and delivered wedding speech will make the event even more special, and truly memorable.

The Importance of the Wedding Speech
A key factor that determines the success of the wedding speech is its preparation. Having a great wedding speech gives you the courage to stand before a room packed full of people. Some people may get butterflies in their stomach but if you have a ready wedding speech, you will have the courage to face them and give them your very best. The following three tips for writing a great wedding speech may come in handy when you are asked to prepare a wedding speech for the big day.

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How to Write a Wedding Speech

1. Relax
For starters, you will need to maintain your calm throughout the speech. Your main objective should be to stand out with the powerful wedding speech you will deliver. Visualize yourself delivering the wedding speech and having the wedding guests absolutely love it. Your ability to see yourself having successfully delivered the wedding speech will both calm your nerves down, and help you feel more in control of the situation. From this relaxed state of mind, you’ll be able to gather your thoughts and begin the writing process.

2. Share a story about the Couple
By sharing a story about the couple, you will show your intimate relationship with the couple, and how deeply you appreciate them. You can narrate an experience you had together, and do your best to highlight how their relationship and love made the occasion even more special. Avoid including experiences that did not involve you. The story should be something that you hold very special and that reminds you of how wonderful the couple’s relationship is. Additionally, make sure to stress how the bride and the groom are lucky to have each other. This should come from your heart so as to convey the sincerity of your words to the audience. You can share some good information about the bride and groom and the traits about them that you highly admire. This will place the couple in the spotlight as you tell the good things you like about them.

3. Give thanks
You can then thank the parents for their support to the couple. By thanking the parents for supporting the couple’s love you will be making everyone at the wedding feel special. This gesture of appreciation to the parents is very important and will show that you know how to write a great wedding speech. Additionally, it is always important to say thank you to all the people involved with the wedding from the attendees to the caterers. This will show that you are appreciative of their attendance and the role they have played in the success of the wedding. This should come last in the speech.

A good custom is to raise your glass at the end of your speech, and invite the wedding guests to join you in wishing the newlyweds good luck as they begin to enjoy their lives together as a married couple.

Follow these three recommendations as you write your wedding speech and make sure that you let your own personality shine through in your words.

Some final words of advice:

- Avoid drinking alcohol before delivering your speech. You do not want to risk letting the drinks do the talking for you and affect the wedding speech.

- Keep your speech around 3 minutes maximum in length.

- Do not crack jokes about the marriage “ball and chain” or bring up even the remote possibility of divorce. This kind of humor has no room in a wedding celebration and will not come across as funny.

- Control your emotions as you deliver the wedding speech. Save the crying and laughter until after you finish the wedding speech. Being overtly emotional during your delivery of the speech will cause people to pay more attention to your emotional breakdown than the actual words you are saying.

Remember – this moment belongs to the couple, and your speech should be about them, not you. Follow the steps listed above as you write your wedding speech and you will be certain to make their special day feel even more special.

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