How To Make Up With Your Wife


In every marriage there are disagreements and conflict.

As a matter of fact, being happily married requires that there be some level of healthy disagreement between both partners as each person is an individual who has his or her own opinion about different issues.

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Having said that, there are times when a conflict or disagreement may spiral out of control and escalate into a heated argument. In extreme situations,  these arguments and disagreements rise to such levels that the relationship itself is in danger of ending. If not handled and diffused properly, the couple may decide to separate and perhaps wind up divorced…

If you are currently in such a situation and are looking to “make up with your wife“, I encourage you to try the following 3 steps:

  1. Define clearly what caused the disagreement.
    Only by having a clear picture of what the real problem is, can you actually take the steps required to begin to resolve the issue. Take your time to calmly think through the whole situation… Go through the whole conflict in your mind and analyze what each of you said or did not say to each other.
  2. Do something truly special for your wife.
    Get her a present, buy her flowers take her to dinner… Go out of your way in a very obvious, visual and noticeable way that shows her how very special she is to you.
  3. Apologize.
    Sometimes a simple heartfelt “I am sorry” will start moving the relationship on the right path towards healing.

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