Do Over

Do you remember when you and your spouse got married? Can you recall how happy you were when you were together?

What happened?

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All marriages, if given enough time together, will hit “rough spots” occasionally. It is at those moments that the steps each spouse takes will make the difference between coming out stronger and more in love than ever before, or to simply end the relationship.

In case you’ve been asking yourself “What can I do now?” and “How to fix my marriage?” – here are four positive steps you can take now which can help you move closer to making things right.

1. Be Patient.

Never take any decision relating to your marriage if you are stressed. Even if you are angry, take a break and think. When you are angry, destructive thoughts occupy your mind. Ignore those thoughts. Time is very powerful. If you are thinking how to fix my marriage, it will be best to suggest that give some time to your married life. You will see how complications and misunderstandings start to disappear automatically gradually over time.

2 – Leave Your Ego Out of It.

One thing that hurts many couples’ relationships is ego.
If you are truly committed to saving your marriage, you will have to leave your own self interests aside and focus on what is best for the relationship. When there is love and affection in a relationship, there is no space for ego. This is the time to present to your partner that your marriage is the most precious part of your life, and that you are committed to doing whatever is necessary to overcome your challenges.

3 – Listen First and Talk… Maybe.

This is the moment to open the communication channels between both of you. As such, this is not the time to expect to talk. Make it a point to communicate but focus on listening first. We all have two ears but only one mouth. Use this fact to remind yourself to listen twice as much as what you will be talking.

4 – Seek Professional Outside Advice.

Sometimes you may be so deeply involved into your current situation that you miss the forest for the trees. Perhaps you are too close to all that is going on and you may be missing what is truly going on in your relationship. It is in moments like these that you may benefit from seeking help outside your marriage such as enlisting the services of a marriage counselor or researching across other different marriage coaching and marriage self-help products.

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