cheap anniversary gifts

cheap anniversary giftsTight on funds and need cheap anniversary gifts? Don’t worry, the following article will give you 6 excellent anniversary gift ideas sure to be romantic but without breaking the bank.

Anniversary Surprise Gift

For starters, let’s get one thing straight…

The secret behind cheap anniversary gifts that will not make you look “cheap” is to make sure that what you save in money, you make up for in originality.

The more original and “thoughtful” your gift is, the less emphasis and focus will be paid to how much it actually cost.

What your goal in selecting and gifting the perfect cheap anniversary gift is to make it abundantly clear that you truly know your spouse and that you put thought into the gift.

Basically, you want to be able to give your husband or your wife that one gift that “only you” would have given. It can be funny, romantic, personalized, unique… or even better, a combination of many of those qualities. Let your imagination run wild when choosing cheap anniversary gifts and you’ll be surprised at how truly special that one “cheap gift” can be!

To that end, here are 6 excellent, truly original options for cheap anniversary gifts that will make your spouse feel special, yet will not cost a fortune:

6 Cheap Anniversary Gifts

1. Get a custom personalized gift that normally wouldn’t get personalized.

You’ve seen getting personalized plates, T-shirts, coasters and lighters… but what about an engraved, personalized whiskey barrel for your husband, or a luxurious, personalized soap gift set with loofa sponge for your wife?

For a wide selection of personalized items and anniversary gift ideas, visit:

Need an anniversary gift but don’t have much money? Click Here for a Treat!

2. Create an original custom made anniversary greeting surprise using Fiverr!

This one is the ultimate in originality… It’s amazing what some people will do for only $5!

Get a personalized video with a singing telegram made specifically for your spouse, get your beloved’s name written across the sand on a beach in Fiji, have a video

greeting made of a romantic poem read by William Shakespeare himself (well… not really THE Shakespeare but by an actor dressed up and playing as him.)

The possibilities are endless…

3. Personalize and develop a custom photo book featuring your most precious moments and memories.

Upload your photos, add your own texts, cute sayings and loving 
phrases. Your photo book can be shipped directly to your beloved or get it yourself and set it out for your spouse in a romantic setting (think candles, rose petals, etc.)

Visit the following link and you’ll even get 50 FREE 4×6 photo prints!

4. Get a custom made necklace with your spouse’s name.

Think it’s too expensive? Think again! You’ll be amazed at what you can get for very little money.

Here is an option in sterling silver for under $30:

Want it made in 18K Gold?:

5. Preserve your most valuable memories digitally on DVD!

You have so many priceless moments that you have gathered together… Photos, VHS and Beta video cassettes even film reels. Save them and give your spouse a timeless gift

Save an extra 20% off when you visit the following link:


6. HOT GIFT: Give your spouse “a gift where YOU are part of the gift”

You are both grown-ups and you’re married – any ideas how we can make this anniversary even more exciting? Bring some spice into your married sex life and give him or her your own “adults only” anniversary package complete with adult toys. Add some pheromones to complete the package to bring out the instinctive side of you and really heat things up!

The following links will take you to two reputable online retailers where you can order discreetly and mix and match to fit your own passions:

Adult Toys -

Love Pheromones -

Take these 6 ideas and add your own dose of originality to them. Mix and match these gifts or use them to spark new ideas for a gift. Remember – you are the person that knows your spouse better than anyone in the world. Use that intimate knowledge of what makes your relationship special to come up with your own truly unique cheap anniversary gifts!

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