Avoiding Divorce

Avoiding Divorce 

You have been trying to avoid divorce for some time but things have reached a breaking point and everything in your marriage keeps spinning further out of your control.

You CAN avoid divorce…

It’s not over – there is still hope.

Here Are 4 Actions You can Take Now That May Help You in Avoiding Divorce:

1. Define what truly caused the problem and the distance between you and your spouse.

Oftentimes, when a couple distances itself one from the other – there is a wide range of problems that arise. Perhaps one of the partners is drinking too heavily, maybe one of the two is seeking attention and trying to find it in another person, sometimes the escape may involve gambling or pornography… The common thread in this situation is that one or both of the partners will seek to escape from their reality in elements outside of the relationship.

Couples sometimes look at these behaviors and think that this is an unsolvable situation and that this is how things will always be.

It is not.

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Before you can make any progress towards saving your marriage, you need to define what is the true cause of the problem.

2. Communicate – the right way.

You may have heard countless times that the secret to every effective relationship is “communication.” That’s an easy thing to say, but exactly what does that mean? How can you communicate effectively with your partner?

You need to determine what is the most effective way to get your message across and truly talk and listen with your spouse.

Only by communicating effectively will you be able to be heard and also hear what is truly going on with your spouse in order to be able to resolve your problems. This in itself will go a long way in helping you on your quest towards avoiding divorce.

3. Seek Guidance.

It has been said that definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.

Perhaps the way you’ve been trying to solve your differences and problems with your spouse is simply not the most effective way and may be the reason why you are now at the point where you are.

There are many marriage help expert resources that have helped other marriages in crisis, and may be able to give you and your spouse guidance on how to resolve your differences. It may benefit your marriage to seek guidance from marriage and relationship experts, who have helped many other couples facing similar situations and who can give you a fresh perspective on your situation and help you in avoiding divorce.

4. Don’t give up.

Fight for your marriage. Before you throw away all that you both have already invested into the relationship and building a life together, give it your absolute best for at least one year. For more on this topic, you may want to read our article “How do you know when to call it quits?

You are doing the right thing by seeking information on avoiding divorce. Keep an open mind and realize that yours is not the only case of a relationship that has reached the brink of divorce… But realize that not all couples that get to this point wind up getting divorced, and many of them wind up being stronger than ever and more in love with each other.

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