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I Love Being Happily Married is the world’s #1 community devoted to helping marriages last a lifetime.

We help thousands of marriages worldwide on making their relationship last a lifetime by providing skills, motivation and guidance.

Focusing On The “Good Things” In Marriage

Marriage is the ultimate expression of love between 2 people who love each other. With all the negative coverage that marriage receives and the constant focus on the 50% of marriages that end in divorce, there is a general lack of knowledge of all the benefits of marriage over cohabiting.

To counter all the negative perception and unfair coverage of marriage, help reduce the percentage of couples that end in divorce, as well as address the overall lack of marriage skills awareness – ILBHM’s founders, Marriage Educators and Yvonne , launched I Love Being Happily Married in early 2010 with the global mission of “Helping Marriages Last a Lifetime.”

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What can I expect from I Love Being Happily Married?

I Love Being Happily Married regularly shares and publishes positive and inspiring love, relationship and marriage education messages, as well as wisdom from top experts and other leading married authorities about married life.

Our growing collection of blog posts, articles, videos, and specially selected quotations are meant to inspire on why marriage is so precious, and help couples who may be experiencing disress in their relationship to save their marriage.

The powerful words, videos and other contents you can expect from I Love Being Happily Married are drawn from renowned marriage experts individually chosen for their contributions and results. These are shared along with the opinions, experiences and positive results of the thousands of happily married couples from around the world that form the I Love Being Happily Married community.

Join us on our mission of helping marriages last a lifetime!

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