Keep a marriage exciting

Keep a marriage excitingIt is a given fact: The buildup to the wedding is so exciting… Making arrangements, laying out a plan for your future lives together, maybe having a party or planning a trip. But after the honeymoon ends, life begins.

While you may have the most wonderful marriage, even the most devoted couple is certain to find the married lifestyle to be at times, less than exciting. Let’s face it, you love the other person, but spending most of your day with the same individual makes for a lot of routine activities. If you are not careful, the everyday routine can drag on your relationship and make you both feel unsatisfied with what is otherwise a very loving marriage.

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As a result, it is vital that couples not simply sit back in the belief that a marriage will remain exciting merely on its own momentum. Rather, it is important that spouses take some basic steps to infuse their relationships with a bit of excitement.



Follow these 5 tips to keep a marriage exciting:

1. Have Independent Interests

You cannot have anything interesting to say if you spend every waking moment together, doing and experiencing the same things. Having independent interests is not a sign of a weak marriage as some newlyweds believe, but rather a sign of its strength. Having independent interests means that you have something unique to bring to conversations, ensuring that you both always have something interesting and exciting to say to one another.

2. Spontaneous Events

While you were dating, planning the spontaneous event seemed rather innate. But, as we grow comfortable in our relationships and more busy by life’s obligations, we have a tendency to fail to keep things spontaneous. So to mix things up; plan an afternoon or evening event that is completely new. Perhaps try that show your spouse has been dying to see, or visit that new restaurant that just opened up. Keep it fun!

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3. Never threaten each other with separation

This is less a rule to keep things exciting, and more one to keep the marriage strong. A relationship can only grow and remain exciting if both parties are confident in their commitment to one another. As a consequence, make it a rule between you and your partner that you never threaten each other with separation or divorce. Establish an understanding that if you ever bring up separation, you should be heading out the door right away, suitcase in hand, to back it up. It is a harsh rule, but one that needs to be firmly established if your relationship is to survive the ups and downs which are a part of all marriages.

4. Weekend Trips

One sure way to inject some romance into your marriage is to take a vacation with just the two of you. But with the rigors of life and the costs of a trip, a full-blown vacation can seem hard to justify. Instead, opt for a one night local vacation. Plan a dinner and evening out, and cap it off with a night in a hotel. The expense isn’t a lot considering the excitement that a trip, no matter how small, can bring into a relationship.

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5. Spice up the bedroom

The final tip to bring excitement into any relationship is to spice things up in the bedroom. Your sex life has a strong correlation with the strength and satisfaction of your relationship. So try exploring a new position or even a sexual fantasy or adult toy with your partner. Sharing such things not only will get you both more intimate, it also will bring excitement into your marriage.

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