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Save Your Marriage from Divorce

Before you decide to get a divorce, consider that the decision to leave a spouse may not be the solution to your marital problems. The following article lists 5 steps you can take now to save your marriage from divorce.

There are many divorce cases being filed everyday all over the world but your marriage doesn’t necessarily need to become one of them. Before you decide to move ahead and turn your marriage into another divorce statistic, you should know that there are other options available.

Marital Counseling

What You Should Know

All couples go through rough patches in life but it is the commitment you have to the union through the tough times that makes all the difference and what will ultimately save your marriage from divorce.

Couples who take the time to work through their differences usually confess that they are glad they did not rush to sign the divorce papers. Many also admit that once they work through their differences, they have a new level of understanding and love for one another and that they are often happier than they were when they first got married. It is like being given a new lease of life.

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To help you on your path to saving your marriage, here are 5 steps you can take now to save your marriage from divorce:

1. Identify What Went Wrong

When couples grow apart, all sorts of problems crop up in the marriage. One can choose to have an affair, start drinking and partying, occupy themselves with porn or just keep away from the home. When this happens, what you see is not the real problem but just an outcome of what has been happening with the relationship and acting out as a way to avoid the situation. Many couples make the mistake of concentrating on the behaviors they see around instead of trying to find out why things are happening the way they are. You may even be attracted to someone else… Why would that be when deep down you know that you dearly love your partner? Might it be because he/she has been neglecting you lately or does not spend as much time as they used to with you? Do you feel resentful or unloved? These are feelings that can drive one out of a marriage.

Also, it may be that you were not able to deal with a certain problem or a change in your lives. For instance, children can make you as a couple draw apart. You may focus all your attention on them and forget to nurture your relationship. A problem such as losing a loved one or a job may also draw you apart if you do not know how to deal with it.

2. Work on Your Communication Channels

Meet with your partner and talk through the issues you have. This should be in a loving and passionate way. Decide to work on your communication because this is an essential part of saving your marriage. Involve your partner more in the different aspects of what is happening in your life. Let him/her know of your fears, issues, desires, plans and feelings. Do not judge but be understanding and helpful. When you communicate more, the bond between the two of you grows. Trust and love is also nurtured.

3. Spend More Time Together

Another important way to help restore the love and friendship you once shared is spending time together. This is time away from the children, other family members and any responsibility. Identify the things you loved to do together when you started dating. When you are having fun together, it is hard to keep you apart. You may think that you do not have the time or finances to allow you to spend time together but the more you neglect each other, the more the distance between you grows. Set some quality time aside once a week away from work, children and other responsibilities for you to spend together.

4. Seek Expert Advice

Sometimes, it may not be easy for you to work through the problems you have on your own. When this is the case, you may need to seek expert advice and invest in a marriage help program. Although there are multiple options, we have created a list of top ranked marriage help programs you may want to review. In some cases, you may also wish to seek a professional counselor to guide and help you work through your marriage problems.

Should you decide to go with a counselor, you may have to undergo counseling sessions together and individually. A counselor will listen to you, offer advice, suggest activities and keep on checking on the progress you make. You should be committed to the sessions for them to be of any value to the marriage.

5. Be Committed to Saving Your Marriage

It may not be easy for you to work through the issues you have unless you are committed to the process. Your partner may have hurt you, there may be other people interfering with your marriage or internal circumstances such as finances may not be encouraging. Still, you need to be focused on your goal of saving your marriage.

At the initial stages of saving your marriage from divorce, things may be hard and you may experience a lot of setbacks, but when you are committed to the process and decide to work on yourself as an individual, things become easier and better. One thing that is important to know and remember is that most couples who end up divorcing do so not because they did not love each other but because they allowed themselves to grow apart.


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