Lose Weight for Wedding

Lose Weight for Wedding

By: Yvonne  - Certified Personal Trainer and Marriage Educator.

Is your wedding coming up on you fast and you still have a few pounds to lose? The following article presents 3 easy tips you can use to rapidly lose weight for your wedding and look simply divine in your wedding dress!

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In order to lose weight quickly, you will need to cut more calories from your daily diet. 3,500 calories to be exact in order to lose 1 pound. So if you remove 500 calories a day from your diet, you should be able to achieve the loss of 1 pound per week.

Lose fat and look great!

3 Tips to Lose Weight for Your Wedding

1. Eliminate Alcohol

A single glass of wine or beer usually has approximately 100 calories. That single glass a day and those extra 100 calories, added up over a year can add up to 10 pounds of extra weight.

2. Make Lunch a Salad

Simply replace your usual lunch with a big, healthy salad. Don’t feel that you have to limit yourself or feel hungry either. Make that salad a large portion and top it with a little lean chicken or fish. By combining the protein and fiber in that one salad, you will be both satisfied and contributing to your weight loss.

3. Eat More Often

Yes, you read that right. When you are trying to achieve rapid weight loss, make sure you divide your meals into smaller portions and eat the individual portions every 3 or 4 hours. By eating smaller meals, more often, you will be able to avoid getting hungry. Make sure though that you keep the caloric contents of your meals and snacks under control (you don’t want to be stuffing yourself with unhealthy food every 3 or 4 hours.) Some good alternatives for snacks are pears, apples, almonds and crisp vegetables such as carrot sticks or celery.

Follow these three tips as part of your weight loss regimen towards your wedding and watch the pounds melt away as you fit beautifully in your dress.

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