why men lie

why men lieHonesty is considered to be one of the pre-requisite of a healthy and mature relationship, however when it comes to men, honesty is something you cannot expect.

Why Men Lie - The Secret Survey

A number of women, married and committed, approach relationship consultants and counselors in order to get an answer of a single question ‘Why do men lie?’ but unfortunately nobody has the universal answer to the question of ‘why do men lie’.

Women need to understand that men lie and they do it often and one shouldn’t let these repeated lies become the root cause of their broken relationship.

In order to save your marriage from divorce and your relationship from break-up, we are here with a few answers to the most complicated question in the relationship world ‘why do men lie’:

Because they are not women
Men and women have different biology and genetic makeup and they have an entirely different perspective towards things in general. Women have a common approach to their relationships and maintain certain boundaries; they feel that honesty is the best policy to safeguard a relationship however men feel quite the opposite. Men aren’t good liars but feel that lying is a part and parcel of their nature and perceive that lying will not pose any threat to their relationship.

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Men don’t like discussions
Unlike women, men aren’t good at discussions and fret the idea of getting into arguments and chit-chat over mere topics. And in order to avoid any kind of discussions, they simply lie about things and situations. For instance, men often don’t tell their wives about how awful their day was because they fear to tell the entire story again and instead close the matter by lying that the day was good and as usual.

Men try to preserve relationships
A certain section of men strongly believe that little lies here and there help to preserve their relationships. Men aren’t politically correct about each and every thing like women and in order to avoid any hurtful situation or emotional drama, they simply lie about the entire thing. For instance, many women complaint that their husbands lie about their figure, food and shower fake compliments over them but women must try and understand the fact that men lie because they adore you and don’t want to hurt you.

Men are lazy
Women are blessed with the ability to take care of the entire family and preserve house and relationships while men, they are simply lazy to take up any such task. A number of men admit that they lie to their better halves and girlfriends about being busy and short of time because they feel lazy to take up any responsibility especially when it is concerned with household work.

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They lie to everyone
A number of women feel that their husbands lie particularly to them and feel extremely annoyed about this fact. However, we would like to tell all the ladies out there that men lie to each other more often than they lie to you. These lies can be about anything from gym sessions to Friday night party and are often harmless. Men lie to their mothers, bosses and even their friends and somehow enjoy doing the same.

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