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The following list is I Love Being Happily Married’s selection of the three best marriage help books we have found in the market.

Each of these books has been evaluated and reviewed by our panel, and we feel confident recommending them to anyone seeking to improve their marriage. Note: Although no book can guarantee that you will succeed and automatically solve any issues going on in your marriage, we can state that these three products will provide you with information, many valuable techniques and approaches that with your own effort may help you in solving your difficulties.

Below are our selected top three marriage help books ranked in order:

Save the MarriageFirst Place: Save the Marriage

The Save the Marriage eBook by Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D. has helped over 78,000 couples worldwide and presents a compelling alternative to marriage therapy.

Baucom claims a client success rate of over 89% with couples being able to transform their relationships and save their marriages. His approach is not about avoiding divorce, but rather about creating the marriage relationship of “your secret dreams.”

This program is delivered instantly upon purchase, and is quite comprehensive with multiple modules that build upon and support each other. There is also extensive information and valuable video advice on the product page.

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ILBHM Rating: 5 Hearts out of 5
5 Hearts out of 5


Save My Marriage Today!
Second Place: Save My Marriage Today
Save My Marriage Today is a comprehensive marriage help program with a wealth of valuable information and techniques which have already helped thousands of marriages worldwide. We have received numerous testimonials from satisfied users of the information in this marriage help book and as such ILBHM gives it our absolute highest recommendation.

Co-written by relationship experts Amy Waterman and Andrew Rusbatch, this online program and marriage help book provides a wide range of information and resources. Available as an instant download, Save My Marriage Today is truly a priceless resource for anyone trying to save a marriage, bring back the love in a relationship and stop divorce.

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ILBHM Rating: 4.5 Hearts out of 5

4.5 Hearts out of 5


Marriage FitnessThird Place: Marriage Fitness
Developed by Mort Fertel, the Marriage Fitness program consists of audio CDs and DVDs which detail Fertel’s approach to strengthening marriages. Fertel also offers Teleseminars and individual coaching for couples who are seeking more extensive help and require personal attention.

One drawback of this system is the fact that you have to wait to receive the materials via mail rather than being able to instantly download and use the information like the other two programs reviewed. Still, the materials are very good and if you are willing to wait, they can definitely help you in your quest to solve any marriage issues.

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ILBHM Rating: 3.5 Hearts out of 5
3.5 Hearts out of 5


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Save the Marriage

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