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A special expert author guest post by Pamela King. Pamela and her husband are the energy behind Still Dating My Spouse. They help couples reconnect, refresh, and renew their marriage through their blog Still Dating My Spouse.

As married couples, there will be times when we don’t agree.

There will be times that temper flare. There will be times when the decibels of our voice raises. There will be times that we really don’t want to talk to our spouse.

What does all these times mean?

Well, it means we are human. You and your spouse are human and have two different opinions. There will be times that you will not completely agree; however, it’s how you handle these situations that matters the most.

Let’s Not Fight

1. No name calling-if you cannot call your spouse by their name or the “pet” name you have for them, then no names should s be used…

2. No YELLING- this is not the time to test out your lungs. Talk in a calm manner…

3. Stick to the issue at hand-this is not the time for you to bring up what your spouse did two years ago…

4. Step away & come back-If you are not able to come to an agreement quickly, take a break in the discussion…

5. PRAY/Meditate: Use whatever method is best for you to get calm, stay calm and focus!

6. Be quiet & just hold hands!

Remember, you will have disagreements.

You will have those moments where you are not seeing eye to eye; however, during those moments is when you must rely heavily on the strong foundation you guys have built.

Your spouse is not your enemy; do not start treating them that way. Stay focused on what the real issue is and handle the issue at hand.

What are some methods you use to diffuse a tense situation?


Pamela King and her husband are the energy behind Still Dating My Spouse. They help couples reconnect, refresh, and renew their marriage through their blog Still Dating My Spouse.

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