We’ve all been through the experience of arriving home after a rough day at work… You feel exhausted and emotionally drained.

Life has a way sometimes of throwing a curve ball and hitting you where you didn’t expect it.

Arriving to a Home Cooked Meal…

Somehow, all those problems and the day’s worries seem to disappear the minute you walk in through the door and smell the delicious aroma of a home cooked meal, courtesy of your beloved spouse.

Being married means much more than simply being legally bound to someone else – it’s a matter of companionship and expressing one’s love for the other in many different ways.

It’s the together part that matters…

If you or your spouse cook for the other, this is the perfect way to show how much you really care.

The meal doesn’t have to be fancy… The simplest type of dishes can be the most comforting when prepared with lots of love and shared together as a couple.

Enjoy these simple pleasures and all the wonderful little details that being happily married entails… things like home made pasta.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to step away and enjoy the delicious spaghetti my wife Yvonne made… I’m psyched!

Do you or your spouse cook for the other? Any special recipes you would like to share?


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