3 Marriage Counseling Questions

3 Marriage Counseling QuestionsWhen a married couple is experiencing difficulties and there is a possibility of the marriage ending in divorce, many people turn to marriage counseling in an effort to save the relationship.

If you are currently dealing with a crisis in your marriage, the following are the top three marriage counseling questions most frequently asked during marriage counseling:

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1. What causes the marriage problems?

Couples should find out what causes these issues, realize the most critical problems in their relationships, and be willing to sort them out with each other. Issues that may arise in marriages could be due to factors such as finances, child discipline, communication, career, physical intimacy and so on. In so many instances couples fight for years over numerous issues failing to identify specifically which are the core ones or which are the main ones. It is important that you sort your issues by priority and begin to sort them constructively. They could start with less heated questions that would take less time to solve, and head on to questions that are more difficult. It is also important that the marriage counseling questions invite both parties to air their opinions.

Marriage Counseling Questions

2. How do couples feel about each other and why?

Getting both spouses to speak out on the other spouse is a key thing in identifying why they are in a situation and how to deal with it. The wife could be doing some things that the husband does not approve, or the husband could be doing things that he is not comfortable with. Neither of the things is wrong but such marriage questions should be raised so that the two can figure out how to help each other understand. Consequently, it is also important that they raise issues that please each other. This can form the basis on the steps to follow as they reconstruct their marriage. It is important that both know that they are being appreciated, or they are not going unnoticed. This also lightens the situation. At the end of the day, it comes down to healthy and important communication between the two spouses.

3. What changes are you willing to make to improve things in the marriage?

It is a counseling question that is asked to both of the spouses. “Suggest a suitable change that could improve your situation” Small changes are a signal to willingness to improve the marital environment and effect helpful changes. Change does not have to be big. You could start to change in attitude towards the other spouse, or attitude towards the whole marriage. You could move on to things such as small expenses. Remember to keep up healthy communication on things you are not comfortable with, so that change can be executed. In time, progress will be noted. A spouse who fails to keep up with the commitment may try again due to the other spouse’s ongoing efforts.

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It is important for both the spouses to know that they are in this together, and should not use the chance to victimize each other. These marriage counseling questions would help them through their issues and help towards steering them once more towards a long and stable marriage.

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