Stop My Divorce

Stop My DivorceIt is said that “All successful relationships are built on the foundations of love, harmony and wisdom”. Marriage is no different. If you have been having problems in your marriage and asking yourself how to stop my divorce. This article can help.

While there are innumerable examples of happy and glorious marriages, there are also those that are heart-breaking and miserable.

stop my divorce

While it is true that the present lifestyle, while trying to bring people together, has succeeded in creating an even larger gap, one should understand that happiness is a way of life and the power to make it that way is in our own hands.

The fact is that given enough time, most marriages will experience one or more episodes of “falling out of love”.

While separating from each other might seem like a quick and viable alternative for many, the relationships that were built with the hope of lasting a lifetime can still be healed. This restoration process requires commitment and conviction especially when kids are involved. If you are looking to the skies screaming “Stop my divorce!”, here are few remedies to enhance the healing process.

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Record your expectations
Communication is an essential part of saving a relationship under stress. Record your expectations and relay them to your spouse to improve the level of understanding. Putting your views and desires on paper will help remove anger and bitterness from the equation.

Do a thorough introspection and scrutiny
Understand the need to introspect your contribution to the present turmoil. Examine the reasons that lead to your marriage and what attracted you to your spouse in the first place. Take in the fact that no relationship is hunky dory. The need here is to identify and work on the attractions and strengths.

Stop building castles in the sky
A dream man / woman are well, good for a dream. Realize that the grass might not necessarily be greener on the other side. Finding the ideal partner is a blessing, no doubt, but do not go looking for everything you desire in one person. Instead build a realistic expectation and work with the strengths and positive aspects that your spouse does possess.

Welcome diversity
Opinions and views differ considerably. That is why we are all called individuals! Arguments are healthy as long as you lend a ear to what your partner has to say. At the end of the day, do not go looking for similarities, instead appreciate your differences.

Allegiance and Space
No one can deny that the initial “spark” diminishes with time due to various factors like career, external relationships and society. The key here is to value the bond and stay committed to the relationship by working on and strengthening the trust and reliance aspects. Every individual craves personal growth. A life is not considered lived without personal advancement. A successful marriage involves partners who value the space of the other and leave enough room for each other’s progress.

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If you have children, think about their future
Often in a strained relationship, the deepest wounds are borne by children. Effects can be immediate and temporary or can follow them though their adult life. From behavioural changes to incapacity in creating bonds and relationships of their own, the effects can be harsh and far-reaching. Take time to reflect on your kid’s future before you take any step towards separation. After all, they are the lights of your life.

Reconnect and bond
It is difficult to avoid disputes but it is not difficult to reconnect. Choose to bond and move towards spending time together rather than intensifying the gap.

Give it your all
Letting go and getting a divorce is easy but to arrive at that decision, you need to ensure that you have given it your all to make it work. While it is necessary to respect yourself, respect the other person enough to acknowledge his / her contributions to your life.

Nothing in life is beyond redemption. People who live a fulfilling life will be quick to add that they do so by cherishing what they have. A little patience, reflections on your imperfections and healthy exchange of ideas are the secrets to unlocking the door of a successful marriage. With that key in hand, there is always a chance that you will say “Stop my divorce” when you step out to realize that you are indeed sharing your life with your soul-mate.

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