Being happily married is absolutely beautiful but… Staying happily married takes daily work.

As a married couple, you and your spouse are faced with the responsibility of keeping your marriage happy and positive, and supporting each other every day – even during tough times.

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But how can you face difficult situations, stay positive and remain truly happily married when things get hard?

“Being Happily Married” is a choice two people make every day.

In the first of “Seven Secrets of Happily Married Couples“, we explained how Being Happily Married is a choice that two people make every day.

The thing is, life has a way of sometimes not working out the way we originally planned it…

Regardless of how positive you may be and how much you both may love each other, life is a journey with many twists and turns, and you will have to face the occasional “bad moment”.

Whether it’s a financial mishap such as the loss of a job or a bad investment, a health challenge that may affect you or a loved one, an unfortunate accident or any other “tough time”, things happen – and through it all, you need to remain “happily married.”

Choosing to be Happily Married During Tough Times

When a couple chooses to be happily married, they each accept to live up to their responsibility as a happily married partner. As part of that responsibity, each accepts to be there as a willing “team mate” in the marriage, ready to face the inevitable difficulties that are bound to happen.

It is those “tough times” that define a marriage and make it truly beautiful and valuable. When a couple faces the storms that life throws at them together and makes it through, the marriage becomes an even more precious part of each partners life.

We hope these words will help you and your spouse make the right choice and choose to be happily married each and every day. That choice will be help your marriage become stronger both during the good times and those tough times.

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