Revitalize Your Marriage

Revitalize Your MarriageDo you remember when you used to dream about how wonderful it would be to get married? Of course, marriage is wonderful…but not all the time.

There will be times when marriage will seem like hard work, and there may even be times when leaving will look like a good option. Marriage can have its ups and downs and a successful marriage is only possible if both parties are prepared to work at it.

Bottom-line: Love must be nurtured if you both want to keep it from losing the spark.

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Has your marriage “gone stale”?

Have you stopped spending the time that is necessary to cultivate a relationship that is fulfilling? If this is the case – read on. Here are 8 tips that could help make your marriage go from plain and boring to infinitely fascinating.

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1. Forgive.

Disagreements are natural in any relationship. Wherever there are two people living in close proximity, there are bound to be times when they will disagree. Learning to forgive and not hold grudges is vital to prevent bitterness from seeping in and damaging things. Spouses are only human and can make mistakes and do stupid things. It is important to learn to be quick to say sorry, and quick to forgive. Married couples must never harbor grudges. As a matter of fact, holding resentment against each other solves nothing.

2.Be respectful and honest with one another.

Don’t ever take each other for granted. Learn to say thank you. Express your appreciation for the things your spouse does for you, even the simple ones. Always tell the truth. If there is a problem, talk about it and don’t bottle it up. Couples who face their problems and talk things through are the ones that are most likely to build a strong, loving relationship.

3. Communicate.

It may seem obvious, but good communication is the key to a fulfilling relationship. Don’t hold back thoughts. If the wife is feeling upset by something her husband has said or done she should tell him right away – she should never assume that he will guess what is wrong. What may be obvious to her, may not be obvious to him! Husbands also need to be more forthcoming in sharing what is in their minds. Remember: Your spouse is not a mind-reader! Good communication is vital.

4. Remember to laugh often.

The daily grind of life can make everything seem like a chore. A married couple should take time to share jokes and other crazy, funny stories to decrease tension. Remember, laughter is healing. Have fun with each other!

5. Decide together.

It is important that couples make joint decisions on important things like finances, children’s education and upbringing, delegation of household chores, etc. One must not be superior over the other. If you can’t reach an agreement right away, leave it for a while and come back to it later. If there is still an unresolved issue, be prepared to give in to your spouse. Take turns in giving in to one another. Marriage isn’t a competition.

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6. Don’t forget the simple, small things.

Husbands need to remember to compliment their wives. Don’t forget to praise her for a job well done – even if it’s folding the laundry or cooking a meal. Buy her flowers “just because”. Take her out for a romantic meal. Tell her how beautiful she is. Make her feel like she is your princess. Wives, should also be attentive to what husbands need. Enjoy each other’s company. Showing affection for one another is essential.

7. Stay in love

Nurture your love for each other. Enjoy every new discovery and every new day with your spouse. Think of today as the beginning of the rest of your lives together.

8. Stay intimate.

Intimacy is only able to grow in a marriage where there is a strong commitment to one another. Learn to be honest with each other about what turns you on and what doesn’t. The sexual side of marriage doesn’t need to fade away. Greater knowledge of your spouse and deeper affection should make lovemaking a celebration of your life together. Make time to be intimate.

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Being married is not always easy. especially in today’s society where so many marriages fail. But as long as both partners know that they can depend on each other, it should be a rewarding relationship. Always be there for each other, just like you promised to your spouse: for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and till death do us part!

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