rebuilding-trustAsk any married couple who has been together for over a decade what the most important piece of their relationship is, and odds are that the majority will tell you the same thing – Trust

Obviously there are many other elements involved, but if a relationship has lost trust in one another and fast, strong action is not undertaken to regain that trust – the marriage could be headed into trouble.

In those cases, rebuilding trust in a marriage becomes the single most important focus that the couple must work on.

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Everybody is Different
The way that a spouse handles the relationship may be their own unique way, but a loss of trust from the other partner will turn the relationship into a negative and frustrating situation that will drive both partners apart. Having an affair, lies, cheating, hiding things – all of these are likely consequences of a relationship that has lost trust in one another.

Rebuilding Trust

When a couple loses the key factor of trust in the marriage, if this is not corrected quickly, it often leads to divorce. Unfortunately, regaining trust on someone after that trust has been breached becomes an uphill and difficult battle. Regardless of the reason for the loss of trust, the whole situation becomes a sad and painful torture for the relationship and a struggle for the marriage to survive

The following are three steps for rebuilding trust in a marriage, as a path towards saving the marriage.

3 Steps to Rebuilding Trust іn а Marriage:

#1 – Communicating with one another
The ability and naturalness of the communication between both partners is a key element in keeping the relationship alive. Only by having a clear path to communicate, can a couple clear up the barrier and obstacles that are driving them apart.
When speaking with your spouse, be open and frank. Authenticity, clarity and “calling a spade a spade” to get to the bottom of the issues at hand are the only way that the couple will be able to feel hear and understood. When it comes to reestablishing communication in the marriage, this is one area where both partners must be fully honest and willing to reveal themselves fully to the other, and express why they are committed to rebuilding trust in one another.

#2- Trustworthiness
Marriage relies on both spouses being able to depend on one another, through the good times and the bad times. Every aspect of each other’s lives is deeply intertwined to one another, and if there are children involved – their lives are also affected by the degree of dependability and trustworthiness that each of you has and brings to the marriage.
It is at the moment of when a couple is working on rebuilding trust in a marriage that the element of trustworthiness becomes even more important. By being dependable and having faith in one another, the relationship becomes even stronger.

#3- Being Honest
In a marriage, there is no room for lies… not even little white lies or lying by omission. Especially when a couple has experienced a breaking in trust, it becomes even more important to be fully honest in every single detail. Even little things like smoking a cigarette behind your partner’s back or sneaking off to happy hour with your work crew after your shift, every little dishonesty presents another challenge and obstacle to the marriage.

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If there is one thing that needs to be done at this point is sincerely apologizing if there has been any wrongdoing, admitting to the mistakes that have been made and making a sincere commitment never to do it again. This act of genuinely asking for forgiveness presents an opportunity for the relationship to become even closer than ever before.

Save the Marriage

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