my-wife-wants-a-divorceMy Wife Wants a Divorce
It hits you like a truck, those four words.
“I want a divorce.”

It’s understandable that you are not sure where to go, or even what may happen next, which is why it’s important to understand that no matter what, everything is not lost. You do not have to give in and give up just because your wife has said she wants to get a divorce. Oftentimes, these words are a result of months, or even years, of pent up anger and frustrations that your wife has either not communicated with your properly, or you have been unreceptive to hearing (yes, this goes both ways!)

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Take the time to read on and learn a few things about what may cause your wife to desire a divorce, the meaning behind it, and what you can do to help prevent it. If you’re not ready to let the love of your life go, and you want to show her that she does mean something to you, consider using some of the following advice to move forward in your own relationship.
Ideally, you are already doing the best thing you can do, by seeking answers.

How to save a marriage from divorce

The internet, while full of games and entertainment, but can also provide you with a good basis of understanding for the many reasons why people do things. By taking a moment to search for divorce related forums and website, you will see that you are not alone in this.

It can be helpful to establish an anonymous identity within an online community that deals with support for couples who are having relationship troubles. It can help serve as an outlet for frustrations, a place to get advice on small issues, or just a medium through which you can relax and spend an hour to yourself amongst friends.

Do not however, forget to seek out answers and understanding from the most important person available to you, your partner. Your wife is clearly having trouble with the relationship. If possible, get a physical list or letter of issues, no matter how painful it may be, and then take the time on your own to go through each item.

Are they serious accusations – is it pent up nagging?
Are these desires for you to take out the trash more often?
Or are you being verbally abusive to your spouse?

Take the time to listen and apply the answers and knowledge you seek from friends, family and online, to your own issues. Attempt to make a connection and re-open the lines of communication between you and your spouse. If your spouse is truly in love with you still, and desires to fix the relationship, this will be a great first step towards showing your true commitment to the relationship. Make it a priority.

If after a few unsuccessful attempts at bridging the communications gap between you and your spouse, it seems they are unwilling or unable to move on with you, consider seeking the help of a professional counselor or mediator to help facilitate better communication between both parties. It’s important to understand the true desires of both parties and their expectations for the relationship. With a third party present, it may become easier for your spouse to release pent up emotions and feelings that you may not have known existed, due to your wife not wanting to disclose such accusatory statements with no protection (counselor) from backlash. In this type of ‘safe’ environment, both parties can share without having to fear animosity in the presence of another individual.

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There are multiple types of marriage counselors available if you would prefer to speak with someone who is of your specific religion, from your cultural background or has theories you would enjoy practicing within your own relationship.

Try to remember that communication is a big part of mending a broken relationship, but also realize that sometimes, people do change and there may be nothing you can do but resolve your differences and wish each other the best. There is nothing wrong with being incompatible with someone. Yes, it does hurt, but it will hurt you both longer in the end if you continue to live in a relationship where someone is constantly suffering. Consider for a moment that the position your wife is in. Under what circumstances would you consider a divorce and what would you expect someone to do in order to convince you to stay.

Truly examine where the weaknesses in your relationship lie, and do your best not to point fingers of blame. If both parties are willing to work together to rebuild a love they both share and have shared in the past, there is no reason why you cannot full recover from the daunting phrase “I want a divorce.”

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