my husband snores

my husband snoresMy husband snores.
It’s night time again… You are getting ready for bed, looking to get a good night’s sleep after a long and complicated day.

But no sooner have you closed your eyes, your husband’s snoring begins.

You’ve done your absolute best to block the sound out. You’ve tried ear plugs, blocking the sound out with “white noise”, stuffing your ears with cotton, hugging your head with your pillows – but nothing works.

Night after night, it’s the same grinding noise as your husband snores and you spend yet another sleepless night. The back and forth, almost chainsaw-like growl of your husband’s snoring, tearing into your precious sleep time.

“My husband snores” is a very common complaint among the I Love Being Happily Married global community, and a husband snoring has been the cause of more than one broken marriage. Dealing with a snoring husband and stopping his snoring can often mean the difference between a happy marriage or a relationship that is always on the edge and arguing.

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The following article presents the most common reasons why people snore, as well as 5 tips for stopping snoring.

Why people snore:

  • Aging – As people age, the muscles in your throat weaken. This causes your throat to narrow and as a result, air begins making noise as it travels down the throat.
  • Blocked airways – People with sinus problems or blocked nasal airways have problems breathing, this creates a loud snoring sound in the throat as a vacuum is formed whenever breathing.
  • Lack of fitness – Being overweight and carrying extra fat as well as weak muscle tone is a very big contributor to snoring.
  • Your physical build – The way your body is built can be a major contributing factor to snoring. For example, men have narrower airways than women, as a result – husbands are far more likely to snore than their wives. Other additional factors such as having a narrow throat, hereditary factors (were your husband’s parents snorers too?), and various other physical factors can also be big reasons why your husband snores.
  • Sleeping posture – The way your husband sleeps and how “flat on his back” he places himself on the bed can often cause the throat to relax even further and constrict the flow of air – this causes the snoring sound.
  • Smoking, drinking and some medications – The use of alcohol, smoking and taking certain medications can often contribute to muscle relaxation which in turn, leads to increased snoring.

5 Tips for Stopping Snoring:

  1. Exercise more – As explained above in the causes for snoring, lack of fitness is a major contributing factor to snoring. Exercising your abs, legs and arms can not only help you look better, but will also help tone the muscles of the throat which will effectively reduce the chances of snoring.
  2. Have a regular bedtime routine – Establish a regular sleep pattern and stick to it. By having a repeating pattern every night as you go to sleep, you will be able to time your sleep more effectively and reduce your husband’s snoring.
  3. Stop smoking – Smoking greatly increases the incidence of snoring. The constant smoke intake causes the airways to be irritated in the throat and nose. This in turn will increase the chances of snoring.
  4. Lose weight – Losing weight can have a dramatic difference in the level of snoring that your husband will do. In some cases, losing even a little weight will greatly decrease snoring and may even end the snoring altogether.
  5. Stop drinking and taking sleep aids before sleeping – Drinking alcohol and taking sleep aids contributes to relaxing the muscles in the throat. This deep relaxation from the alcohol and the drugs artificially relaxes the muscles in the throat even further which can greatly lead to snoring.

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