Last night, Yvonne and I went to see the recently released movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

To be perfectly honest, as a guy, I have to admit I thought this would be just a movie about women having kids which I would view and not get too involved in.

Personally, I am into action, sci-fi and horror films so the title was not very appealing and having read with Yvonne the classic pregnancy book What to Expect When You’re Expecting, 4th Edition, which the movie is based on, it really looked like the movie would be all about what women can expect during their pregnancy.

Still, having a pregnant wife and knowing how much Yvonne wanted to see this movie – I figured I’d make it a date night and build it into one of our last “dinner and a movie” dates before our little one arrives.

Funny and Highly-Enjoyable Plot

Watching the movie while currently experiencing the reality of the “when you’re expecting part”, I had a blast with all the humorous situations and the different character portrayals.

Yvonne and I were laughing out loud in many of the scenes and throughout the movie I had a little voice inside my head that kept going like “Yup… been there… Yeah, dealing with that. Oh yeah… DEFINITELY dealing with THAT.)

Excellent Cast

With a phenomenal lineup that combines well-known actors such as Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Dennis Quaid and Chris Rock, along with
a great group of new upcoming stars such as Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks, Tom Lennon and many others – the movie delivers on both being extremely funny, and an emotional ride.

Pro-Marriage Message

Besides being a great movie to see as a married couple, the film presents marriage in a very positive light when it comes to parenting and having children.

The situations presented (I won’t give away any details in order not to spoil the movie in case you haven’t seen it yet), show how facing the challenges involved with having a child as a couple are much easier to deal with within the context of a marriage.

In fact, one of the things I was pleasantly surprised by, was how it highlighted the importance of each father-to-be within the dynamic of each of the couples dealing with a pregnancy.

Overall, I highly recommend this movie if you have children, are pregnant or are thinking about having children. But most importantly, I recommend it because of the positive angle and importance it gives marriage, at a time when “getting married” is increasingly being regarded as “optional” when it comes to having children.

4.5 Hearts out of 5


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