Money Marriage Problems

Marriage Money ProblemsWhether you and your spouse both work outside of the home, or one of you stays home with the children, it is easy for one person to feel “left out” of the financial picture. In a marriage, it is important for you to feel equal to your partner on all levels of the playing field, finances included. Even if you don’t feel like doing so, it is important for couples to communicate openly about their financial situation, resolve any marriage money problems and work to improve their finances together.

Marriage Money Problems


Most marriages have their financial ups and downs. It can truly be a test to your relationship with your partner when you’re dealing with the downs in particular. Here are some tips to help you deal with these situations in the quickest and calmest way possible.

Money Marriage Problems

1.) Pick the Right Time – Find a non stress time to sit down and have a discussion with your partner. My husband and I love to go on evenings out, because it gives us a chance to discuss important issues in a non stress environment. If you must stay home, make sure the kids are not present during the conversation.

2.) Come Prepared – Write down the matters you have been thinking about beforehand so that you can stay on track during your discussion.

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3.) Don’t Get Emotional – Avoid personal attacks towards your spouse. Use “I” instead of “you” when speaking. Don’t be argumentative and state how you feel. Don’t point fingers at each other, and don’t start a fight.

4.) Take Turns – Common courtesy will help you achieve your goals. Feeling equal to your partner will come with a general respect between you and your partner.

5.) Make a Plan – Discuss the situation and future plans with your spouse. Make sure you have a basic budget in place and discuss you and your partner’s vital steps in your financial future. Compile a money “to do list” and check your progress often.

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Remember the love you have for each other during the conversation, and, most important, listen to what your partner has to say during the discussion. If it seems to be a bad time in general to talk about it, remember that there will be another opportunity to let your partner know how you feel. Let it go, and pick a better time in the future.

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