Marriage CounselingWhen a married couple has marital problems, many couples see marriage counseling as their first and most powerful option to end their disputes and bring back love into their lives.

But how do you know if marriage counseling is in fact the best option? Have you considered other alternatives that may be able to help you solve your differences and regain the love in your marriage?

Marital Counseling

The following article presents the cases for and against marriage counseling with the objective of helping you decide if it is indeed the best choice for your specific situation.

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Marriage Counseling

As stated previously, marriage counseling is often one of the first options that people think of whenever a couple starts having marital problems. This is due to the common cultural generalization that marriage counseling is the most effective solution to most marital problems as you are dealing with a professional third party who is trained to help solve these types of situations.

However, there are many reasons why marriage counseling may not be the best option. For example, marriage counseling and marriage therapy can be quite expensive and outside a couple’s comfort zone or budget. This can add financial stress to an already stressful marriage and can be even more harmful. Additionally, some couples find that engaging someone outside of their relationship and “airing all their deepest secrets” makes them uncomfortable. This can in itself also create a large amount of stress and pressure on an already fragile relationship.

This does not mean you should just give up and stop looking for remedies to your current situation.

As a matter of fact, if you take things too casually, your marriage may move further towards divorce and this is something you definitely need to avoid.

There are many different reasons why couples have marital difficulties, and in many cases a couple’s problems may stem from a simple lack of communication and other “disconnects” that are causing a rift in the relationship. Given that there are many reasons why marriages have problems, there are also many other ways to approach the solution to these problems. There are many alternatives to marriage counseling which can help you rejuvenate your relationship, and often more quickly and effectively.

Why Do People Seek Marriage Counseling?

Marital problems that lead to people seeking marriage counseling may include many different issues including substance abuse, communication problems and extramarital affairs. Although a therapist or marriage counselor may lead the way, it is not always necessary to obtain professional help and in fact could even be an additional source of resentment. When this happens, as mentioned earlier, there are many different marriage counseling alternatives that help couples sort everything out on their own.

Some Common Alternatives to Marriage Counseling

One of the most common alternatives to counseling are Marriage Self-help products. There are many workbooks, programs and marriage help books available in the market which tell you about identifying and resolving all kinds of issues in your marriage. Such marriage help alternatives aim at resolving your issues and rejuvenating your relationship.

You can also find many structured video and instructional programs in the market. Most of these programs are designed by marriage experts or credited counselors. Moreover, these programs prove to be considerably more affordable than counseling sessions from these same counselors and experts when you meet them in person. As a result, they make an excellent alternative to seeking in-person marriage counseling and can often work faster since you can do them on your own time and get help immediately.

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Marriage Help Products Vs. Marriage Counseling

For years, marriage counseling has been helping many couples. However, some people don’t like talking to a third party. Self-help products can help couples maintain their privacy while trying to work on their marriage. Moreover, marriage counseling takes a lot of time and only works when the couple is physically with the counselor. This can make it take longer to have an effect, and can be quite expensive for people whose insurance does not cover it. On the other hand, self-help marriage help products only require one-time investment and can be implemented immediately and around the couple’s schedule. You don’t have to pay for every session as with marriage counseling, and with marriage help programs, a couple can experience and learn about what they need to maintain a healthy relationship and marriage.

To learn more about marriage help programs as an alternative to marriage counseling, we encourage you to view our detailed expert reviews of the top marriage help books in the market today.



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