Marriage Problems After Baby

Marriage After BabyIf you have just had a baby or if you are either planning on having a baby or will soon have one – you may be worried about your marriage after baby arrives.

Marriage After Baby

Being worried that having a baby will cause you problems in your marriage is a very common worry among married couples. However, while having a baby and raising a child will change your life – it doesn’t have to ruin your relationship with your spouse.

The real secret to having a successful marriage after baby gets here is to focus on how you best spend your time together and how you maximize the moments you have with one another.

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To help you avoid any marriage problems after baby, here are 3 tips that can help you greatly in keeping your marriage strong after having a baby.

#1 – Make the Best of the Time After Bedtime

If you think back to when you were growing up, you may recall how your parents would put you to bed early. You’d probably complain and feel that it was unfair that you would have to go to sleep, while your parents would stay up. Now that you’re all grown up – you can see that this was done so that your mom and dad would be able to have some adult time together. The time after you put your kids to sleep is a very special time that belongs to you and your spouse, and it should be guarded as the precious gem that it is. Because of this, make sure you enforce a strict bedtime as doing so will not only give your child a routine that will help them sleep better, but it will also create for you the much needed quality time you and your spouse both need together.

#2 – Make Date Night a Regular Thing

As a baby steps into your relationship, being able to schedule date night with your spouse becomes all the more essential. Children require a lot of attention and because of this, it is very common for married couples to get pulled into their parental duties and neglect the intimacy required to keep the spark of love alive in the relationship. Make sure that you include date night in your calendar and that you enforce it. Date night doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive either – what you really need is an opportunity to go out alone with your spouse and “date” as you did when you first met and fell in love. Hire a babysitter, get help from a relative or see if you can trade off nights with some of the parents of your child’s friends. Other parents are also looking for a chance to have date night themselves and your offering to take their kid(s) in exchange for them taking care of yours will be quite welcome.

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#3 – Family Together Time

Just as Date Night is important to keep a marriage strong, scheduling family time for the entire family to be together every night is a must. By carving out time every day for the family and reserving a regularly scheduled time each day for everyone to get together and simply share as a family – you are making a great investment in the stability of your home. It is those moments that you share with the family which will not only be the ones you will remember most fondly once your children are all grown up and out of the house, but they will also help you get to know your family even better and drive you closer together.

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