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How to tell if your husband is cheatingHave you ever had doubts about your husband’s fidelity and wondered how to tell if your husband is cheating or not?

After multiple requests from I Love Being Happily Married global community members, we have written the following article on the controversial topic of husbands cheating and infidelity.

First, we’d like to clarify that unfortunately, no matter what the situation or what the circumstances may be (that is a different topic altogether), cheating does happen in some marriages. This however does not mean that this is a complete list of suspicious behaviors, and that if a husband is undertaking any of these behaviors, he is automatically cheating.

Still, if you are currently suspecting that your husband may be cheating, the following are 5 tell-tale signs that you can look for which may help you determine whether your husband is faithful or not.

Sign #1 – He is trying to communicate secretly.
If you want to know how to tell if your husband is cheating, first start to pay attention to the details. If your husband has recently started to go out of the room whenever he gets a cell phone call, keeps his phone in silent mode or on vibration, tends to postpone some calls if you are in the room or uses phrases like ‘We will speak later’, you can be pretty sure that there’s something to worry about. This new behavior is certainly one of the most common with cheating husbands, so if you notice it, better try to find out who is the secret person. Still, keep in mind that in some cases, it may just be only business, really.

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Sign #2 – He logs out of his social network accounts and mails
Another way how to tell if your husband is cheating is to pay attention whether he logs out from everywhere and cleans his browser history before getting off the computer. If you find a clear browser and logged-out Facebook, Google+, Skype or other accounts, ask yourself whether he has always logged out or this has started recently. If you answer positively to the first question – don’t worry, perhaps everything is fine and you are being paranoid. If the answer ‘yes’ applies to the second question, the situation may be(come) pretty serious.

Sign #3 – He smells differently.
How to tell if your husband is cheating if he smells differently? Well, this is not hard, if he smells of a woman’s perfume different from the one you use, or of the men’s cologne he regularly wears. The new smell may be a sign that he is cheating – otherwise, what would be the justification for that new smell?

Sign #4 – He needs more time for himself.
You have been inseparable until fairly recently, but now he suddenly wants some space and makes you feel as if you are stifling him? Well, this certainly is strange. A person does not change so radically after a certain period of marriage, especially when we have thought that we know him. Perhaps the more time he now needs for himself is the time he needs for her, so this is one of the best ways how to tell if your husband is cheating.

Sign #5 – He is always spending time together with another woman.
If you notice that he is often with another woman – a colleague, or a secretary, or the neighbor – no matter who she is, this may be a potential tell-tale sign about his cheating. Better try to find out how much time exactly they are spending together and what they are doing during that time.

Note of Warning: While we do not encourage or condone you to spy on your husband, having a cheating husband poses many risks to you, your safety and your state of mind.

Cheating can promote the transmission of sexual diseases, unplanned pregnancies outside of marriage and legal disasters, to financial ruin and the emotional impact that being cheated on will have on you.

To that end, if you are planning on spying on your husband to discover if he is cheating or not, you must realize that when he finds out that you’ve been spying on him – he will not be pleased with your decision and it will have an impact and consequences on the relationship. You must be prepared to face that outcome.

We also need you to understand that you must arm yourself by learning as much as you can about what your specific legal rights are whenever gathering information and facts to prove or disprove your suspicions of cheating. Different state and federal laws exist which regulate spying approaches and surveillance technologies. You must know that what you are doing to spy on him is legal. We are not legal experts nor giving you legal or professional advice, and we exhort you to do your research to see what your specific case may be.

Finally, always remember that even if your husband is exhibiting one or more of these 5 tell-tale signs, he may be innocent – and we sincerely hope this is what you eventually find out.

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