How to Save This Marriage

How To Save a Marriage


Every marriage goes through ups and downs.

How to Save a Marriage!

In fact, it is perfectly natural for a married couple to go through periods where they feel like they are “falling out of love.”

Given enough time, it happens to every relationship.

However, many married couples, when faced with this down period, mistakenly confuse it as being something final and believe that the relationship is over.

It is not over.

In this article we will share with you some valuable techniques you can use to help save your marriage.

Beginning with:

You need to take ownership of this situation and save the relationship.
If your spouse feels distant and you feel that somehow he or she is growing apart from you. This is the moment when you must to assume the leading role, and help him or her understand that this low point is a natural occurrence that happens in all relationships, and together you can both rekindle the love and head back towards building a strong marriage.

Why does it feel like this marriage is over?

After the incredible initial phase of being in love, married couples often find themselves confused and wondering “where did our love go?” They feel that in the beginning they only had eyes for each other and could not stand the idea of being apart for even one instant… But now, after time has passed and things have happened in the relationship, they no longer feel “in love” with their partner.

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This falling out of love and cooling down of emotions is normal, but couples many times don’t understand this. It happens to all long term relationships, and especially the ones that are regarded as “living their happily ever after.” What most don’t get to see is that these “happy couples” are able to live together happily ever after, because they can adapt and work their way through the low points together as a couple, until the high points/good times come back again.

We are far too quick to believe that we don’t love someone, just because those intense feelings you felt at the beginning of the relationship are no longer there. This is just a natural phase…

Having acknowledged that, you can realize that just because you may be going through a low period in the marriage, there is still plenty of hope and there are services, counselors and top rated marriage help books that can help you save your marriage.

So what can you do to save YOUR marriage?

Begin by starting a dialogue with your spouse and communicating clearly.

Don’t force a conversation and do not talk at your spouse, rather listen to what your spouse is saying and do your absolute best to understand where there may be areas of misunderstanding. Pay attention and learn as much as you can about your partner’s feelings. At the same time, take this opportunity for communicating, and express openly your feelings. Invite your spouse to be honest in his or her views and emotions…

If you believe that it may benefit both of you and help you communicate better, engage a third party such as a counselor or mediator. There are many methods available to help you engage in a healthy dialog and communication is key in bringing back the magic of your relationship.

The most important thing to always keep in mind is that just because you may be experiencing a low point in your relationship, your marriage is not over, and there are many ways to save the marriage.

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