how to save my marriage

how to save my marriage

How to Save My Marriage

Do you find yourself in the difficult and painful situation where your marriage seems to be falling apart around you?

Are you afraid that everything you’ve worked so hard to build with your partner is suddenly on the edge of crumbling beneath you? Have you been thinking and asking yourself in the middle of yet another sleepless night “How to save my marriage?”

Do not despair – there is hope.

If you are currently at this point in your relationship, I want you to know that all marriages – if given enough time – will hit rough moments. All of them.

How to Save My Marriage

Having helped thousands of marriages worldwide in the I Love Being Happily Married global community, the following are three keys that will help you understand what is truly going on and what actions you can take to save your marriage.

Key #1 – Love naturally grows and wanes over time as it matures and evolves.

Love, like the seasons, changes over time and grows warmer and colder as time passes. This is the natural process of every relationship as it adjusts to the different levels of maturity and needs of growing older.

If your marriage seems to be in a cold moment, I want you to realize that not all hope is lost.

Having your partner say that he or she has “fallen out of love with you” or that they “love you but are not IN love with you” – does not mean that the relationship is over. It merely means that you need to own the situation and work on guiding your partner towards rekindling the relationship.

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Key #2 – Understand what is truly going on.

The fact that you are going through a bad moment may have been triggered by something that happened. Perhaps there has been an affair, or maybe your partner has been lying to you. Whatever is going on, you need to bring it to light and address it with your partner. Only by clarifying with your partner any issues that may be driving the marriage to a crisis can you truly solve the problems and move on.

Key #3 – Commit to and work on rebuilding trust.

The main qualities that keep a marriage together are trust and loyalty. Beyond merely the love you feel for your spouse, marriage requires an absolute level of trust for it to survive.

If trust has been broken in the marriage, this is the first area you should focus on fixing and rebuilding. Only by committing to and re-establishing the trust in your marriage, will you be able to continue repairing any other areas that may be affected.

Finally, and this is essential – the mere fact that you are asking yourself “how to save my marriage” shows that you are truly committed to making the relationship work. This level of commitment on your part can mean the difference between saving your marriage and reclaiming your future happiness or watching the life and family you have built together leave you.

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Save the Marriage

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