save-a-marriage-from-divorceIs there a way to maintain a marriage from ending? Could there be a recipe to living a long, happy marriage with the same person? If you are asking yourself these questions as you face a crisis in your marriage, the following are six key ingredients for how to save a marriage from divorce:

#1 Company
Having the company of your spouse and providing companionship to your partner is one component that many married couples misunderstand. While it is important that the couple always think about the other, it is also important that each one retain their individual personality and identity. The “we” in a marriage is meant to be the joining of two people who share in each other’s interests and loves in a positive manner. They key here is to remember that each partner must show interest in the other and give them support in whatever way they can.

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#2 Selflessness
For a marriage to thrive and grow, each partner must get rid of their respective egos. The constant drive to prove one’s individual worth and keeping track and scoring the degrees of success of each spouse has had, causes many problems in a marriage.

The goal of the marriage must be for each partner to wish the absolute best for the other and do everything in their power to help the other succeed. If both partners do their respective role in this task of supporting each other, the couple will stand together and prevail over any obstacles or challenges that life may present them.

Once you’ve achieved getting rid of the ego and acting selflessly, the next key ingredient for how to save a marriage from divorce is communicating.

How to save a marriage from divorce

#3 Communicating
Being able to communicate effectively and openly is absolutely required for any relationship to survive. The all too common problem of one partner feeling misunderstood by the other due to the lack of communication is a very real problem. The couple must communicate with the other and relay their wishes and desires in whichever way makes the most sense.

This means that merely speaking will not be the right way to express something, and touch, affection and other non-verbal ways to communicate will often be able to communicate something more effectively

#4 Rekindling the Love
Being able to keep the spark alive in a relationship is something that is often neglected. As the years roll by and life’s challenges take a toll on the relationship, the couple forgets to keep the romance alive and be the same loving self that they were when they first met. The best antidote to this loss of love is to constantly find ways of recreating the marriage and the couple in new and exciting ways. Think of new possibilities and experiences to share together which will keep life enjoyable.

#5 Affection and Love
While this may seem obvious, being loving and affectionate is a key ingredient in having a long, happily married life. Even though love will not solve every single difference or challenge, it can go a long way to help offset other scarcity in areas such as luxury, comfort, money, etc. In how to save a marriage from divorce – the bottom-line is that money can come and go, and many couples can get through any periods of lack by relying on each other to carry the other one through. However, the absence of love in a marriage will almost certainly spell disaster for the relationship.

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#6 Admire one another
Always remember to look up to your partner and make them feel loved and admired. Never take the other for granted. Be grateful for the little things that your partner may do for you and always remember to thank them for what they do for you (remember #3 Communicate – your partner cannot read minds, so make sure to tell them.)

These are 6 key ingredients for how to save a marriage from divorce. I hope they help your relationship and that your marriage grows stronger because of them.

Save the Marriage

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