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How to Save a Broken Marriage


If you and your spouse have experienced difficult times lately and you may be on the verge of a divorce, take some time to step back and really think this over thoroughly. Many times the hurt and the pain of what is causing your troubles is far more exaggerated in your head than it really is.

Jealousy can really wreak havoc on a marriage, and many times if you can focus on the positives of the relationship you can begin to think clearly.

The following are excellent tips on how to save a broken marriage.

How To Save A Marriage On The Brink of Divorce

#1 – One of the very first steps that you and your partner must do is figure out if the marriage is worth saving. You obviously loved each other once before, enough to get married. You both need to step away from all the issues you are having and really ask each other if there is hope or if there is no chance. There are so many reasons that a marriage can fall apart, from infidelity, physical abuse, alcoholism and irreconcilable differences. Regardless what the reasons are, if you still love each other and want to save the relationship, then the past is the past and you have to focus on tomorrow. No good will come out of living in the past.

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#2 – Set aside one night with no television, no telephones and nobody distracting you. If you need to take a night and simply go to a park or the beach then do that. You two need to talk face to face and really find out how the other is feeling. Pay close attention and listen when the other person is speaking. Listen to the words and feel the feelings that person is trying to express. If you want to resolve the issues in your marriage you can not fix them by bringing them up over and over expecting them to go away. The best way how to save a broken marriage is to feel the love you once had and focus on loving each other from today forward. Stop looking backwards, the past is the past for a reason, this is the time to move forward.

#3 – Keep your emotions in check whenever the subject or issue that caused the problem resurfaces. If your partner was caught with another person, you can not keep throwing it in their face to make yourself feel better. Hurting your partner will never fix your pain. You have to learn to forgive, and you have to love unconditionally. If you are going to take a chance to fix your relationship, why not give it 1000%? The worst case scenario is it doesn’t work out and then you know for sure. However, unless you are willing to give it everything you have, you can never repair what is broken.

To really understand how to save a broken marriage, you need to understand one other thing. Many cases of infidelity are caused because one partner feels neglected in the relationship, and is simply looking for the affection the marriage once had. Were you part of the reason your partner cheated? If you had been a loving and caring person with your partner, could you have kept them from the arms of another? You need to realize you may be partly to blame here, even though this isn’t about blame. You have to realize you may be a small part of the reason the marriage is in trouble. Express to each other why you are hurting, and see if you both are willing to save your relationship.

I hope these tips on how to save a broken marriage really help you and your partner to realize that the love you once shared can be stronger than ever if you really give it the effort. Be honest with each other from here out, and let the magic of love grow the bond between you two so strong no one can ever come between you and your relationship.

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