How to Please Your Wife In Bed

How to Please Your Wife In Bed

How to Please Your Wife in Bed

When a man and a woman get married they vow to live happily ever after, but most men, and many women, fear that with the passage of time their sex lives will decline. This is especially important to men as they wonder how to please their wives in bed.

How to Please Your Wife in Bed

Many men fear it to the extent that they prepare themselves for not having good sex after deciding to spend their lives with just one woman. Is it reality or just a mindset? Actually it is a blend of both, but certainly more of a mindset.

First both partners need to understand that a healthy marriage helps each person in the relationship to grow and evolve. So, this way no one is the same person as they were yesterday or the day before that, or when they got married to each other. If one remembers that in bed, change and excitement will come in automatically.

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Men can take a leap and do everything for the woman they love, especially in bed. See the positive aspects of a marriage in the trust that two people share to openly talk about everything, even the deepest sexual fantasies. Let her know, open up to her, push those boundaries, and create the perfect romantic environment to explore sex with the woman who you have decided to grow old with.

You will find below a few tips for men specifically to make the most special lady in their lives to feel excited, turned on and highly orgasmic in bed. Read on to know more about ‘How to please your wife in bed’:

  • Avoid looking at her as your wife when in bed- As mentioned above people change and evolve. Yes, she is your wife and the mother of your children, but discover the mature woman and fall in love with this sexy mature woman. Indulge in role-play if needed.
  • Ditch those pj’s- Many couples, especially men, take their wives for granted and don’t put in any effort. Appearance and looking attractive is all left to the women, but even women want their men to look hot and sexy. Put on her favorite boxers or anything that she finds kinky.
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  • Dating is extremely important- It’s not just about sex. Get out for dates if not every week, at least every fifteen days. Make it a romantic one every time. For most women it is not just about sex, it is also about the romance before actually indulging into it.
  • Experiment with new positions- Let all the inhibitions go, be adventurous in bed. Search for new sex positions on the Internet, discuss it with her or just surprise her with a sex position that will blow her mind with an amazing orgasm.
  • Take her for a honeymoon again- It is important to take breaks and go on short or long trips. Make it close to a honeymoon by going to her favorite romantic place. If vacation is not possible, plan an entire day with her and even a better night.
  • Follow these few tips and learn ‘How to please your wife in bed’. These are just a few ways but all that matters in a marriage is communication. Different ways work for different women and what might work for one couple may not work for the others sexually and emotionally.

    It is all about putting in that extra effort.

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