Make your husband feel loved

Make your husband feel lovedIf you have been married for some time, one of the main challenges you will no doubt experience is that given enough time, most married couples tend to settle into a steady and repetitive rhythm of life.

Work, laundry, paying bills, taking care of the home and other aspects of daily life begin to take over the marriage. Suddenly, the magic and passion of the relationship begins to be pushed to the back burner. Given enough time, this dull routine and lack of love makes the relationship grow apart and in many cases leads to the end of the marriage.

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How to Make Your Husband Feel Loved

In marriages with children, there is another set of tasks and responsibilities which take over the couple’s lives. Determining how to make your husband feel loved is a challenge which many wives face which can over time reduce the happiness of the marriage and cause problems.

How to Make Your Husband Feel Loved

This however doesn’t have to be your case, and there are steps you can take to bring back the magic in the relationship.

To help you solve this and bring more love into your marriage, here are three clear tips on how to make your husband feel loved:

1) Try Something New as a Couple

Do you sometimes feel like your marriage is “stuck”? Like you’ve reached a level in the relationship where your life is mostly based on a routine, and your days are filled with the same thing over and over again (just like in that movie “Groundhog day” – the same thing over and over again.)

One sure way to make your husband feel loved is to bring in something new and exciting that you can both take on as a couple. Your goal in this is to try something completely different and which will be a new experience for both of you.

Think of something that you will both be able to create new memories with. Perhaps it’s attempting a new hobby, trying some form of new physical activity together (tennis anyone?), working together on a new project that involves both of you. The options are limitless – just try something new and do it together!

2) Show More Interest in An Area He Feels Passionate About

Is your husband into sports? Does he like music? What is it that your husband feels most passionately interested in and could you be more supportive and interested in that topic?
While I’m not saying that you should immediately become a sports fanatic and paint your body in your husband’s team colors (although I’m sure that would also make him feel loved) – give more attention to those topics and subjects he is passionate about. By becoming more interested, your husband will feel closer and more connected with you.

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3) Be More Proactive When Approaching Him Physically

Marriage is a relationship in which both partners look for the other to satisfy and fulfill their needs in many aspects, and in ways that due to the exclusivity of marriage – they could not satisfy with anyone else. One of those areas is definitely physical contact, intimacy and sex.

Everyone is familiar with the cliché “all men ever think of is sex.”

Remember always that your husband is a man and having sex with your husband will go a long way to making him feel loved. Go out of your way to initiate the whole sexual and physical advance, and make sure that he feels wanted and loved. This is one of the most powerful ways that you can truly make your husband feel loved.

The key secret to making your husband feel loved is to find ways to bring back that initial feeling you felt for each other. Make him feel special in the same way you used to make him feel when you first got married. These three tips will help you get back that loving feeling. Good luck!

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