Make My Husband Want Me

Make My Husband Want MeHave you been asking yourself, consciously or subconsciously, this question over and over again- ‘How to make my husband want me’?

how to make my husband want me

If the answer to this is a ‘yes’, then your marriage is in trouble and you need to do something about it right now.

But the question that arises again is “What do I do to make it work?”. That’s exactly why we are here to the rescue of every woman who is facing this problem of not feeling loved enough in a marriage. There is a very high possibility that most women would link this cold behavior of their husband to unsatisfying sex life, but this is not true in most cases. Statistics display that in most cases men loose interest in their wives for many reasons not related to their sex life at all.

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One might wonder if it is not the sex then what could it possibly be. If you want to know the answer to this very delicate question that will help every woman facing this problem to find a solution and save her marriage, read on-

  1. A strong woman is always more desirable – Men, in general, want their woman to be strong enough to stand up for themselves. How will the husband treat his wife with respect if the wife herself treats herself poorly just so that he stays? Be strong, disagree when needed, make sure to be a part of every decision.
  2. Stop being a tantrum queen – Endless nagging, pestering  and self-pity is unhealthy for any kind of relationship, especially a marriage. It can be the sole reason for driving away even the most patient man. Get a hold on oneself before he stops feeling any kind of desire towards his wife.
  3. Don’t just concentrate on kids- Most women make the mistake of only taking care of their kids and in the process ignoring their marriage and husband. Take time out from motherhood to be the woman he married to few years back.
  4. Plan a romantic getaway – This might not be a long-term solution but at least it will surely make both the partners realize if they really want to be with each other. Buy new lingerie set to excite and surprise him on the first night itself.
  5. Don’t put extra effort – If the women tries too hard for anything, especially for making him want you more; it is going to push him away more. Let it be subtle and as natural as possible. Effort matters, but overdoing it can ruin it.
  6. Appreciate his presence – A man requires attention and appreciation, if not as much as a woman but he surely desires for it. Thank him for working so hard; tell him he looks young and handsome in the new tee. Basically search for reasons to complement and appreciate all that he does for the family.

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At the end of it all only the two partners know their relationship the best and hence, to sit and talk about it might just be the solution to the question – how to make my husband want me. The tips mentioned above can reignite that missing spark from the marriage.

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