how to get your wife in the mood

how to get your wife in the moodCentral to any happy, healthy relationship is sex.

Though normally not discussed because it is considered taboo and very personal, there is no getting around how important sex is to a relationship.

Sex increases intimacy, closeness, and most of all, it exposes both partners to one another. Feelings of safety, security, and trust are born in the bedroom, where people expose themselves and find a willing participant willing to love them back. Also, beyond any philosophical theories or psychological reasoning, when you come right down to it, it feels great.

How to Get Your Wife in the Mood

For some men, finding ways to entice and excite their wives is difficult. Sexual drive exists in some form or another for the vast majority of people out there, but accessing it can be a challenge. People, especially woman, go through a great deal of conditioning in their life, where they are constantly have to question their own value based on their looks. This can spawn insecurities, and make getting in the mood a real challenge.

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So, lets look five examples of how you can get your wife in the mood. These aren’t tricks, but rather ways for two loving and caring adults to help their relationship go to the next level more often.

1. Preparation

Sometimes, meditation prior to having sex can be the perfect way to get in the mood. It helps us prepare for what is going to happen, and more importantly, helps us clear our minds and get in the right headspace. More often then not, woman just have to remind themselves that is alright to let go and have fun.

2. Take the Initiative

For some women, they do not find themselves even considering sex until they are already in the mood. As a result, the best way to get your wife in the mood is to be proactive. If she is receptive in this way, then her arousal will increase the more you act.

3. Work On Fantasies

Fantasies frequently come to men more then women. One thing the two of you can do, is to work on her fantasies. Spend some time working through any mental blocks that may be in the way, and work towards engaging what she wants, or is looking to feel.

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4. Find What Works

Becoming and staying aroused is different for each person. It can be the sense of being touched, particular verbal cues, or stimulating certain parts of the body. By working on what she finds stimulating, you draw her into sex as an equal partner, who has as much to look forward to from the experience as you do.

5. Sleep More

It is simple, and it is very true. By getting full nights sleep, you increase your base arousal levels, becoming more willing both mentally and physiologically for sex.

The next time you as how to get your wife into the mood, remember the above examples and good luck!

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2 Responses to How to get your wife in the mood: 5 Hot Tips

  • Happy marriage tips says:

    You’d think commitment was pretty clear, and people certainly talk as if it is. But on closer inspection, it turns out that every married person has his or her own code, and a lot of times the true code has never been discussed with the spouse.

    • Thank you for your comment and it’s true that each married person has their own unique set of values and ideas, or as you call it “their own code.” Very good observation – that is definitely something that needs to be discussed and clarified with the spouse.

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