How to get your husband to want you

How to get your husband to want youAccording to a recent survey conducted by a popular women’s magazine, it has been found that nearly 60% of married women are not able to get the desired sexual pleasures from their husband and may even face sexual aversion from their spouse.

Here are 4 tips for how to get your husband to want you:

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If you are a married woman facing a similar situation, here are four hot tips that will help answer your personal question of ‘How to get your husband to want you’?

Follow the tips below when dealing with your husband and you will be much further along in driving him to passionately crave you:

#1 – Dress up for the ocassion!
One can’t deny the fact that a woman no matter her age, simply loves dressing up and looking beautiful. However, the whole idea of dressing up and beautifying herself is usually restricted to parties, dinners and special occasions.

Ladies, if you want to get your man in the mood for some fun at night, and in between the sheets, then you need to add fun to your outfits and dress the part! Wear sexy lingerie and other sensual looking attire and accessories that your husband will find appealing. Bring out the wild side in your appearance and you are bound to drive him crazy all over again!

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#2 – Surprise him
Who doesn’t like a good surprise? If your sexual life has been feeling boring and dull, then mix things up and spice things up by adding little surprises for your husband.

By surprises, we don’t mean that you should get a costly gift wrapped for your husband; instead we want you to surprise him by your little gestures that he can never expect from you. Flirt with him, talk dirty to him or dress up by wearing one of his dress shirts and nothing else… By acting in unexpected ways and surprising your husband you’ll keep him wondering what else you you’ll do next – there is no better antidote for a boring sex life.

#3 – Sensuality is important
A number of couples indulge in meaningless sex and therefore lose interest in each other after some time. Sex can be made altogether interesting and addictive by adding healthy amounts of passionate romance and seduction to it. So ladies, seduce your man in the shower or act sensuous with him in the kitchen, places where he is least expecting and we are sure that you’ll never have to seek answers for ‘how to get your husband to want you’ ever again.

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#4 – Get a little dirty!
Women don’t feel very comfortable talking dirty in front of their husbands but it is something that can definitely help you get attention when your husband is ignoring you sexually. Having a sexual conversation or sexting regularly can be great ways of arousing your partner. Also, this activity makes your husband realize that he is the center of your sexual fantasies and that you love being intimate with him.

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