How to Fix a RelationshipThe modern era has brought in many changes in how we live our lives We have better communication systems, entertaining media, luxury products and more. But sadly, they have not helped us in better understanding our spouses’ hearts.

If you are currently dealing with a crisis moment in your marriage and are looking for how to fix a broken relationship, you need to see what is the true reason for your disagreement and establish ways to fix it.

The following article shows 4 key areas you should look at first when you are looking for how to fix a relationship:

#1 Communication-gap:
– Lack of time for each other is the main reason. Just count the number of occasions you have spent with each other every day. If you find it difficult, it means you have to start bridging this gap immediately. Allocate sometime for your spouse even if it means postponing your business commitments.

How to Fix a Relationship

Building blocks of Trust:
– Switch off your mobiles when you are spending intimate moments. Discuss only about your love and life together. The aim here is to remove each other’s insecure feelings. This also helps in focusing your attention only to your spouse. When you start recognizing each other’s feelings, you automatically respect them also. This may take time, but is worth the effort.

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#2 Physical needs satisfaction:
– Sometimes, they create the major problems with your spouse. If you are seriously thinking about how to fix a relationship, you have to understand each other’s sexual urges properly and respond with the same vigor and intensity.

#3 Emotionally connectivity to each other:
– This aspect is actually beyond words. Open your heart and feel the way your spouse feels. Many expert marriage counselors recommend emotional attachment when they are asked how to fix a relationship. It starts with little sacrifices like watching the same movie that your spouse likes, or preparing your spouse’s favorite food when he is back from office and more.

#4 Replacing the word “I” for “We” can change a lot of things:
– It is time for you reduce your I need this, I want that and replace them with the simple word we. Now you can practically experience the excitement this can bring in your married life.

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Consult your spouse before taking any decision about your:
• Family matters like buying groceries to renting or purchasing a car or a new property
• Personal matters like a change in profession, or even buying new pair of jeans for yourself. This works practically within a very short span of time

Whenever you think of how to fix a relationship just take a few minutes alone and sit in front of a mirror with your spouse’s image fixed onto it. How do you see yourself from your spouse’s view?

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