Let me ask you something – when was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and said right to your face “I Love You?”

I mean, really looked yourself in the eye and literally told yourself how important you really are and how much you mean to yourself?

The Healthy Side of Feeding Your Ego

I know at first pass, it may sound a bit corny, but having a healthy self esteem and “liking yourself” is an essential element in keeping your marriage healthy and happy.

It raises your own self worth and helps you avoid the types of insecurities that sometimes prevent you from speaking your heart out and being fully honest and authentic about your feelings.

A healthy self esteem is an essential part of being able to trust yourself and your partner – and trust is a key layer upon which every solid marriage is built.

Avoiding Self Criticism

Everybody has an inner critic which tends to find fault in everything they do.

Whether it’s the thoughts in your head reminding you of mistakes you’ve made in the past, or the mocking inner voice making you question and doubt every single thing you say to someone, making you think that what you are saying “sounds stupid.”

Self criticism in all its forms is a terrible thing which prevents you from fully living life and taking the occassional risks needed to experience new things in life.

Even worse, because it’s constantly going on inside your head and it’s your own voice telling you this horrible stuff – you may erroneously believe its terrible lies.

We all have it – this inner voice… But when it constantly questions and finds fault in everything you do, it can be quite destructive.

But don’t despair, here’s the good news – in most cases this inner voice can be controlled and even used to your advantage.

Taking the Reins With Positive self-talk and Love

The inner dialog going on inside your head is not always a negative thing. There are many times when this inner voice can give you guidance and direction when dealing with a new and untested situation. It’s the voice that helps you decide when a risk is worth taking and when it’s better to simply walk away…

One key trick to building up your self esteem is catching yourself whenever you start downtalking yourself, and instead taking it as an opportunity to boost your self esteem.

Make it a habit to “catch yourself doing the right thing” and whenever you do something positive, reward yourself with a “that was great!” or a “well done!

Haven’t done anything positive in a while?

Go to the mirror anyway and tell yourself “I like myself” and “I Love You” – your self esteem will thank you for it.

You are worth it.

You are far too valuable to believe the cruel lies that the voice inside your head can sometimes dish out – your self esteem will love you for it, and your relationship will be healthier as well.


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