How do I save my marriage?The sad truth today is that many marriages are in trouble. If you find yourself asking how do I save my marriage, that is a sign you are making steps in the right direction to save the relationship. You are looking for answers, and that means that you are committed to restore the love you two once had, and that is a very important start. Here are three techniques you can start using today to begin healing your relationship and to try and restore your marriage.

#1 – Compromise.
One of the best ways to begin to heal your relationship is to simply compromise with each other. Now in the beginning you do not need to go after your partner every time you make a compromise, and remind them that it is their turn to do the same. If you find yourself keeping score here, rather than letting it happen naturally, you need to take a deep breath and stop. This is not a game, this is not something you are keeping score at, this is the love of your life and this is your marriage. You want to begin by making small compromises whenever you can. Do them out of love, and do them often. Do not bring attention to the fact, because what is going to happen is, your partner will begin to appreciate you more and more, and then, they will begin to make compromises out of love too. When you see your partner making an effort in this area, you know you are on the way to recovery.

How do 
I save my marriage

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#2 – Communicate.
Sometimes the simplest how do I save my marriage advice is also the most obvious. The top reason that people are getting divorced in this country is because of communication breakdown. Partners do not talk to each other anymore unless they are fighting with each other. When a problem arises in your home, that is the time you and your partner need to sit down and discuss ways to get through the issue. Remember when you first met each other, how you talked and listened to each other, whether it was good or bad. Remember how you would do anything to make sure the other person fell in love with you. You need to get back to that point. You need to show the other person you love them when you speak to them. Be conscious of your partners feelings and work things out as a team. If you can repair the marriage at this level, you will begin to see that bond between the two of your grow stronger.

3. Be Attentive and Affectionate.
When you have been married for a little while, all the little affectionate things you did with each other seem so long ago. You no longer call each other pet names, sneak kisses in whenever the chance arises and send each other cute messages or texts. Your partner needs to feel loved. That is how they found you and fell in love with you and eventually married you. You need to treat your partner like you did in the beginning. Start leaving cute little notes taped to the bathroom mirror, whisper in their ear how sexy they look, call them in the middle of the day to say I love you, complement them often and hold each others hands in public. You have to remember that in order to save your marriage, your partner needs to feel loved again. You know how to do this already, you did it a long time ago. Remember the feelings you felt when you first met and relive those everyday. You will be surprised how easy it is to show affection once you start.

If you find yourself asking the question how do I save my marriage, get excited because you are taking the first steps on the road to recover. Once you implement these steps you will be amazed how fast the healing will begin, and how the love will return to your live

Wondering how you can save your marriage? Click Here for the Answer!

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