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You Can Save Your Marriage!

Weight Gain and Marriage

Weight Gain and Marriage By: Yvonne Levy – Certified Personal Trainer and Marriage Educator. I got married and I got fat. There – I said it. Here’s how it happened and how I eventually lost the weight… My Story of Weight Gain … Continue reading

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Sex to Get Pregnant: How to Keep It Enjoyable

Having Sex to Get Pregnant   If we take things from a very basic, scientific perspective, sexual contact within all animal species (humans included) has the sole, main purpose of reproduction. Still, when people are having sex to get pregnant, … Continue reading

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How Much Do You Love Yourself?

Let me ask you something – when was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and said right to your face “I Love You?” I mean, really looked yourself in the eye and literally told yourself how … Continue reading

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When Two Become Three… Baby On The Way!

And One Day It Happened… The day when I saw the two pink lines on the home pregnancy test. The day when my doctor called to congratulate me as he confirmed that the blood test I had taken earlier that … Continue reading

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Power Up: 10 Ways to Bring Your Energy Levels Up as a Couple

We constantly hear from married couples that they feel tired all the time and as a result, they no longer have the energy they need to be excited and thrilled about their marriage. While work, home and life’s general challenges … Continue reading

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You can save your marriage!

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