Friendship in Marriage

Friendship in MarriageFriendship is certainly one of the things that keeps relationships going and this rings true for married couples as well. The fact that these couples are still friends with one another keeps their relationships strong and even lets them grow stronger each day. Besides, ask any marriage counsellor or any marriage expert and they’re likely to tell you the same thing.

Marriages that have a foundation of friendship flourish. You can share lots of fun and laughter with one another, which makes your relationship withstand the test of time. Nonetheless there are those little known reasons why friendship is important in marriage. Here are 8 of them:

  1. Friendship in marriage creates makes for fun times – Friendship within marriages make for a lot of laughter as well as fun memories. As a certain saying goes, “In choosing who to marry, count the number of times they made you laugh.”
  1. Friendship makes communication easier – You and your significant other’s friendship leads to not only open communication but a sincere one as well. What this means is that there aren’t any secrets and, more especially, there are no lies. As a result, this creates trust, which is, of course, a vital factor in any relationship  
  1. Friendship in marriage means you’ll never feel nor be lonely – Being friends with your spouse means that you’ll never need to be alone. There’s always that special someone who will always share the beautiful things with you as well as help you when you’re troubled. Moreover, you’re around a person with whom you could be yourself. You can pour out your heart when you feel like it. So, in developing friendship within your marriage, you’ll never have to be nor feel alone.
  1. Friendship makes life richer – There’s simply no treasure in the world that could compare to how great true friendship is. In the same way, you’re going to relish the riches that life has to offer when you make your significant other your best friend.
  1. Friendship in marriage means thinking side-by-side and not face-to-face – In general, men like it when they communicate side-to-side, usually when they are doing something together. Meanwhile, women like communicating face-to-face. However, communicating either way works. For example, having a talk after having dinner instead of spending about half an hour talking has the same effect yet the dynamic is different. Couples who do something similar to this have been reported to have a closer bond with one another.
  1. Friendship in marriage means not waiting for your significant other to do something you’d like – Establishing and strengthening your friendship with your spouse means not having to wait for them to being enjoying the stuff that you enjoy. Couples who also happen to be best friends take initiative when it comes to doing something the other one likes. These couples don’t give any thoughts about what they’ll be doing because what’s important to them is who they’re doing it with.
  1. Friendship means being forgiving and pressing forward – Couples who are friends treasure the friendship that they have with one another. Although struggles and difficulties will be encountered, they work in order to make sure that their friendship lasts. Even though the romance and the passion can wane, the friendship enables them to work through all the problems, making what waned wax once more.
  1. Friendship makes marriage have a more natural feel – When you’re friends with your spouse, you don’t have to push yourself into their life nor do they push themselves into yours. By having a spouse who’s also your best friend, the doors to both your lives are simply open. Friends ask favors and return them, call, drop by as well as check in whenever they’ll need to. In doing something fun, you call a friend. When you have a crucial decision to make, you call a friend. Finally, whenever something magnificent happens and you’ve got to share it, you call a friend.

When you’re friends with your significant other, you simply communicate more, share more and, of course, do more when you’re together. Overall, when spouses are also friends, living together is just more natural and this is because they delight in such a “setup.”

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