First year of marriage problems

First year of marriage problemsGetting married is typically the most important and joyous moment of a person’s life.

You become one and promise to be together for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health till death do you part.

The wedding is a beautiful occasion, most often full of love and excitement as the couple heads off into creating a brand new life together – for the rest of their lives.

Just after getting married, the newlywed couple tries to get to know more and more about each other in order for them to be able to share fully their lives in a happy and prosperous marriage.

However, being married is not something that people are usually trained in, and it doesn’t come with instruciton manuals.

When things go wrong, couples realize that getting past the difficulties is ultimately up to them now… and there’s no net to catch them.

During this time of their first year of marriage, many problems do arise since they have taken their relationship and level of responsibility with one another to a different – much higher level; from single to couple.

first Year Marriage Problems

First year marriage problems that most couples undergo through during their first year of marriage may include the following:

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Financial matters are very sensitive for the newly married couple because of the adjustment of being a couple from a single life. First year marriage problems arising from financial issues of money and marriage, especially those touching on your partner’s personal finances are always very sensitive topic. Most often, couples will not think of discussing financial matters, instead they will ignore. I think it is very important to share view together about financial matters before you accept marriage. It will help both of you to come up with a fair budget plan hence you can budget for your money in a way that will promote the love that existed before getting married.

How you spend your time together… and apart.
First year of marriage problems of recreation time and activity are very common in the early stages of your marriage life as a couple. Gone are the moments you used to enjoy during your single life, since now you and your partner share something in common (marriage) and therefore considering your partner’s interest is as important as yours too.

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Spending much time with your pals and not your spouse will automatically create some conflict. You need to rationalize your personal interest and incorporates your partner’s interest too, by doing so, you will be giving time and space that your spouse deserves. Above all, do respect each other at any given time. Respect is the key for most successful marriages and it shows a sense of acceptance.

The issues of in-laws
Once you are married, you are expected to get acquainted with the members of your partner’s family, more so the in-laws. At times, some parents engage themselves too much in issues relating to their children marriages which in most cases results to more problems between the newly married couples. Maybe I can suggest that you as a couple need to create some boundary between you, your parents (both groom’s and bridegroom’s parents) and in-laws by either living far away from them.

Duties & responsibilities
Once you are married, you need to assist each other where possible. Issues such as “I thought you were doing it” or “ was I the one to pick the clothes from laundry?” when you reach this point and realize that nothing has been done, both of you will get furious. Always express your feelings in a better way and never put blame on each other when something is not done.

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