couples therapy exercises

couples therapy exercisesEffective communication is necessary for any marriage. For a lot of couples, just finding out how to resolve conflicts and communicating feelings is a challenging task. Couples therapy exercises for better communication can do wonders when it comes to dealing with issues between you and your partner.

Here are 5 of the best couples therapy exercises that allow you to have better communication with your partner:

Couples Therapy Exercises

1) Active Listening

A lot of couples therapy exercises are based on practicing skills that make you a better listener. Active listening not helps you to talk about sensitive issues. In addition, it deepens your appreciation and understanding of your partner.

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With active listening, it is necessary for the speaker to stay focused on one point or thought. For the listener, considering their partner’s perspective while trying to discuss how she or he thinks and feels could be advantageous.

2) Sharing Emotions Freely

A lot of couples therapy exercises are made to reduce the conflict and allow for easy sharing of your emotions. After it is impossible to talk about feelings without sparking a disagreement or resulting in a fight, dealing with problems and differences may also be impossible.

When sharing the way you both feel, discuss what you need from your partner in order to feel safe. For a lot of couples, having a time fixed for discussing important matters or even to focus on building better communication might really make a difference.

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Take time to ask your partner what makes him/her feel more comfortable. Then, put these ideas into action to make sure that your future efforts to improve your relationship are as successful as is possible.

3) Learning how to get closer

People change with time, often in a way that is surprising or unexpected. Being in a relationship for long makes it easy for you to overlook new aspects and facets of the personality of your partner. Couples that have difficulty in accepting what their partner has evolved into will probably find it difficult to communicate effectively.

Couples therapy exercises will help you create a better sense of how the expectations of your partner have changed and what he really expects of you. In case you are not able to relate and understand to the way your partner’s passions and interests might have changed with time, even most well-meaning efforts might be doomed to failure.

4) Using Positive Language

Using positive language can help you create an emotional bond between you and your partner. In addition, it allows you to cope with complicated issues and situations without arguing or lashing out. Using a positive language whenever you talk with your partner is most effective when it comes to creating an emotional dialogue with your partner.

5) I Feel (Blank)

Expressing your emotions in a manner that is clear and understandable could be really difficult. Starting your sentences with “I feel” can allow you to easily format your thoughts while providing the listener with information that is easier to grasp.


Working with sensitive issues and delicate matters could be a strenuous undertaking. Exercises and Tools that allow you to express yourselves easily can be a crucial part of creating a healthier and fulfilling relationship.

Finding out how to turn into a better listener and practicing the relevant skills that allow you to come closer to your partner will certainly bring in a new level of appreciation and understanding between the two of you.

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