cheating spouse cell phone signs

cheating spouse cell phone signs

Cheating Spouse Cell Phone Signs

If you suspect that your spouse may be cheating on you, often the first place you can see the signs of infidelity is on his or her cell phone and cell phone usage behavior.

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How Cell Phones Make Cheating Easier

Many cheating spouses rely on their cell phones to stay in touch with the other man or woman as it gives them the freedom to communicate with them from the privacy of any location.

Because of the mobile nature of cell phones, these private affair conversations take place while the spouse goes about their everyday business. Affair cell phone conversations can happen at any moment of the day and in any place, as long as they are not in the same location as their marriage partner.

Knowing the patterns of a typical cheating spouse will help you determine if there is any cause for suspicion.

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Here Are Some Common Cheating Spouse Cell Phone Signs.

1. Your spouse refuses to let you answer his/her phone.
2. He or she constantly leaves your presence when picking up calls on the cell phone.
3. Your spouse tends to turn off the cell phone whenever you are around.
4. Your spouse gets upset if you ask why he or she is so guarded about their cell phone usage.

What can you do to find out if your spouse is in fact cheating? If after looking for the cheating spouse cell phone signs we have listed, you are suspicious that your spouse may in fact be having an affair, here are 5 ways you can gain more information.

1. Review the cell phone history for all calls coming in and out.
2. Look at the calls received, dialed and even missed calls, and look for strange, unknown and suspicious numbers.
3. Request that your cell phone bill be made out in your name and your spouse’s name. This technicality gives you the right to ask for copies of your cell phone bill and records to review the information.
4. Look through the contact names on the phone and look for names that you are not familiar with.
5. Check for unusual usage patterns and long conversations that may be out of the ordinary.

Cheating spouses typically feel very attached to their cell phone as it gives them the assurance that they can be privately connected to their affair partner. As a result, they typically are very guarded about their devices and will object to any type of scrutiny lest they get caught with incriminating evidence.

Infidelity in a marriage is unacceptable and it is essential that you stand up for yourself to stop the behavior if in fact your spouse is cheating. To do so in the best manner, learn your legal rights, arm yourself by gathering as much information and evidence about his or her cheating, and confront them about their infidelity.

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