Can this marriage be saved?

Can this marriage be saved?If you are asking yourself, “Can this marriage be saved?” then chances are you are starting to feel hopeless about the marriage working out. If you have tried to save the marriage using all the standard tips and tricks that you continuously hear about, and they don’t work, then of course you are going to feel hopeless when those ‘tried and tested’ methods don’t seem to impact your marriage at all.

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The thing to remember is that just because something works for other marriages (or a whole lot of other marriages), it doesn’t mean that it has to work for you. There may be another way to fix your marriage and be happy again; in fact, the chances are high that there is something you can do.

1. Giving Up On Your Marriage Too Early Will Cause Regret

If you have not tried everything to fix your marriage, then there is still hope. Even if you think you have tried everything, there may be a new angle or technique that you have never looked at, and it may be the very thing that fixes your marriage and gets it back on track.

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Ask yourself a few important questions, and make sure you answer them with complete honesty. For instance, have I really given it my all to fix the marriage? Have I devoted as much time and energy as I could, or have I made other things like career, alone time, friends, or family, more important than saving my marriage because the marriage was too draining or too hard to deal with? If you can’t honestly say that you have devoted as much time and energy as possible into your marriage, then you will more than likely end up regretting it later on if you give up now.

Imagine this realistic scenario: You find something that works for your marriage, and you and your spouse are happier than you have ever been. In fact, your marriage is stronger than it has ever been because you have overcome issues in your relationship and learned how to deal with them.

That is the reality of people who stick through the marriage (even when they are asking, “Can this marriage be saved?), find something that works. The relief of not letting go of the marriage is overwhelming. In fact, research clearly shows that 85% of couples who stay in a marriage, even when it looks like it can be saved, report being happy to very happy within five years. Keep that image in your head as you work through this difficult time.

2. Leaving When Emotions Are High Will Make Things Worse

The fact that you are asking, “Can this marriage be saved?” means that you still have some sort of emotions towards the marriage. It may be a negative emotion, but it is an emotion. The only time that you should ever leave a marriage is when you have become completely indifferent to it and your spouse, and hold no emotions one way or the other in regards to your marriage and spouse.

Most people who still hold emotions towards their marriage end up regretting their split and feeling worse outside of the marriage than they did inside. They think about their ex and what they are doing, and carry resentment, anger, and hurt feelings into their next relationship, which is almost certain cause for failure in their next relationship. This results in a lot of unhappiness and regret.

In short, if you are still emotional about the marriage, then you still care about it working. In addition, if you were to give up now, you would end up feeling worse in the long run.

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3. Marriage Is Never Stagnant

The important thing to remember during this difficult time is that marriage is never stagnant; it is either getting better or getting worse. You know the saying ‘there is nowhere to go but up from here’? That saying is very true when you are asking questions like, “Can this marriage be saved?”

If you are feeling as though it can’t get any worse, then remember that a marriage cannot be stagnant, and if you put some effort towards saving it, the marriage has to become stronger and happier than it is right now. You just need to find the right help and the right techniques to make that happen.

In the end, don’t give up on your marriage. Your marriage started out in a loving and caring manner, and it can be that way again. In fact, once you work through the issues you are having, you will find that your marriage is happier and stronger than it has ever been because you know how to deal with many of the common issues that arise.

Online, Private Marriage Counseling Alternative. Click here to save your marriage – even if only one of you wants to!

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